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Category:  Home Improvement

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Replacing A Carpet Patch For Home Owners

By James Carlson

If you have a badly damaged section of carpet such as a cigarette burn or bleach spot what are you to do. One option is to replace that area with a patch. Read this article to learn about how to replace a small damaged section of your carpet.

Sometimes the only way to fix a spot in a carpet is to cut it out and replace it. This is true with things like cigarette burns which can burn all the way down to the backing. If you would like to repair this yourself you will need a few things. First you will need a carpet repair tool which is available at most carpet supply stores. It only costs a few dollars and it is a round cutting tool that will allow you to make a precise cut in the carpet. You will also need some adhesive disks and carpet clue. To begin you will find a donor carpet, usually a hidden section of the carpet or an extra piece of carpet you have handy. Now take your cutting tool and cut out the damaged section. Be careful to not cut through the carpet fibers themselves. Next cut a replacement section from the donor carpet also being careful not to cut the carpet fibers. Next you will peel off the cover on the adhesive disk and place it in the empty hole. Now put some glue around the edge of the hole and insert your patch trying to match the grain of the carpet. (Carpet has a distinct grain). Press the patch firmly into place and put a weight on top of the area. Let it dry at least twenty four hours before putting the carpet to use.

That is all there is to it. Remember that the patch will not be perfect. If you want a perfect job or have a large damaged section you should contact a local carpet cleaner for the repair. Good luck.

About the Author: Learn about this and about your local Nassau County carpet cleaning company at the authors website.


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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