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Why Are Pet Stains So Difficult To Remove?

By James Carlson

If you have pets you know that at some point or another they will probably have an accident on your homes carpet. Whether they are young and just learning the ropes or an older pet that just can't make it to the door anymore, they will have an accident at some point. Pet stains can be some of the most difficult to remove, but why? Read this article and learn why pet stains are so hard to remove.

There are a variety of reasons that pet stains are so hard to remove. For starters when they urinate on the carpet they are putting down an acid. The acid will eat right through any carpet protector you might have and penetrate deep into the fiber where they will be difficult to remove. Another reason that they are so difficult to remove is because of the volume that they put down. They put down so much liquid that the surface fibers can not absorb it. This means that it penetrates the carpet fibers and will go into the backing, the pad and the sub floor. This really complicates the cleaning because it is easy enough to clean the surface but much more difficult to clean under it. Professional carpet cleaners do have methods of sub surface cleaning but they are pricey and still might not remove all of the material. The only way to really solve the problem completely is to pull the carpet up and replace the pad and clean both sides. This is a time consuming and expensive process. The last reason that urine can be such a problem is that it contains bacteria. This is what produces the odor. It is feeding on the urine and releasing ammonia and will continue to do so until you remove every bit of the urine.

As you can see, there are many reasons that urine stains are difficult to remove. They are one of the hardest stains to remove which is why if you are having an issue with pet stains or odor you should call a professional carpet cleaner to handle the job. So what are you waiting for, call a carpet cleaner today and have a better smelling home tomorrow.

About the Author: Learn about Providence carpet and rug cleaners and carpet cleaning at the authors website.

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 Category:  Pets

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