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Category:  Home Improvement

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Painted Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets


5. Paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Paint your cabinets a fresh, crisp white. For your kitchen, take
a few panels to a glass shop, and have them cut out the wood
inside a few panels and place in glass inserts. Even the worse
cabinets will be easier on the eyes:

6. Update the hardware and faucets on your bathroom cabinets.
The picture shows a bathroom where the cabinet was painted, but
the countertop, although old, was left untouched. The updated
drawer pulls and new faucet make a significant different. When,
and if, the bathroom is ever remodeled, the same faucet can be
used on the new cabinet, and the drawer pulls can either be
reused or recycled elsewhere.

Original Vanity


Painted, with new hardware and faucets


Vanity Lights Replaced


Kitchen Cabinets Painted and Glass Insertion


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