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Organize Your Leftover Containers in Four Easy Steps

By Monica Resinger

It was time to organize my leftover containers that are kept in a kitchen cupboard on a slide out shelf. I didn't realize how long it had been since the last time I did this until I got to the bottom of the shelf and found things I'm ashamed to tell. I will tell you that there were containers I had forgotten I had because they were buried so deep.

How could this be useful?! Really, the only use it had was to barely store my leftover containers; ‘barely’ meaning each time I'd open the door, something would fall out. I had to ask myself 'why would I need 250 containers?!' Just joking, it wasn't that much, but it was too much. Here's how I got this cupboard in shape in four easy steps:

1. I took everything out of the cupboard. This is a cupboard close to the floor so I sat on the floor and took them out and set them around me on the (clean) floor. When the shelf was cleared out, I vacuumed it and wiped it off.

2. From the lids and containers on the floor, anything I didn't use or want anymore either went into the trash or into a bag to be donated to the Goodwill depending on if it was still useful or not.

3. With what was left, I matched containers with lids. Each container I found that still had a lid (don't ask me where the others went!), I'd set back into the cupboard and each lid went into a square plastic organizer to hold them; this way the lids would still be in with the containers, but not all scattered around. I stacked the containers according to their size and shape.

4. I threw away the remaining disposable lids and containers (yogurt, sour cream, margarine, etc.) that didn't have a match and donated any good, no match lids or containers to the Goodwill; I'm sure they'll find a match for them.

Complete in four easy steps! Now when I open that cupboard, the containers don't come falling out and I can easily find the container I need. It is a great feeling to have them organized (for a change).

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