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star quilting block

All About Quilting

Quilting can be easy or hard.  This objective of this site is to teach you how to make it easy and economical.  There are so many ways to quilt, so many techniques,  tools and fabrics.  This site will teach you the basics... more

color and quilting

All About Color

Nothing has more impact in your quilt than color.  No color stands alone.  The play of colors next to each other is what makes quilts dramatic and bold, or soft and subtle. more

quilting tools

Starting to Sew

Getting Your First Stitches Right

When you first begin sewing, your fabric may not properly start, especially if you are beginning on a point.  It may get "grabbed" by the feed dogs, make a big knot, and stop.  There are several way to prevent this... more


The Basics for Beginning Quilters
Learning to Quilt
Tools & Equipment
Fabric Choices
1/4 Inch Seam
Rotary Cutters
Starting Out
The 4-Patch
Grids and Patches
Quilt Block Lessons for Beginning Quilters
Square in a Square
Rail Fence
Flying Geese
Square in a Star
Churn Dash
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The Quilt Block Showcase
Fun with Squares
Novelty Blocks
Showcase Stars
Woodsy Blocks
Fancy Cut Blocks
All the Blocks on the Site in Alphabetical Order
Paper Piecing
Strip Piecing
Watercolor Quilting

Choosing Your Fabric
Tips for Frugal Fabric Shopping

Collecting fabric can become a passion with Quilters. Watch out for the lines at the fabric stores during a sale! A Quilter's collection of fabric is called a "stash".

Quilts made from many different fabrics, called "scrap quilts", are more reflective of the older quilts and very popular.  One of the joys of quilting is to be able to choose from a wide array of fabric when making your blocks.

In general, you should buy 100% cotton fabric. It washes and wears well, and has many advantages when it comes to pressing. Store your fabric out of the light,  let it breath, and it will last for years. 

Try and buy an assortment of light, medium and dark value colors to give interest and character to your project.  Vary the designs.  Include both small and large scale prints, and include fabrics that look solid from the distance, and small and large prints.  Include both white and black in your quilt for more interest.

Not all the fabrics in your quilt should be "stars".  That would make your quilt too busy.  Give you eyes a place to rest by surrounding the more flamboyant patterns in your quilt with more "tranquil" pieces.

Here is a sample of just a few of the types of fabrics available today in 100% cotton designed for quilters.  There has never been a better time to quilt with the huge array of both fabric and tools we have available today.   Is it any wonder fabric collecting becomes such a passion?


                          small floral fabric design     large floral fabric design     novelty fabric design    batik fabric design    

                                Small Floral   Large Floral     Novelty   Batik

                         abstract fabric design    juvenile or childrens fabric design     batik or tonal fabric design    toile fabric design    

                                Abstract    Juvenile    Batik     Toile              

                        plaid fabric design   dotted fabric design     juvenile or baby fabric design     seasonal fabric design

                                Plaid      Dots     Juvenile    Seasonal

                       solid or tonal fabric design    stripes fabric design    checks or gingham fabric design     folk art fabric design

                               Solid Tonal    Stripes     Checks    Folk Art


     Learning to Quilt - Let's Get Started! 


4-Patch Quilting Block

Quilting Units

The 4-Patch

The 4-Patch considered to be  the easiest quilting unit to construct.  However, it can still be difficult for the beginner. Here are some tips to make it perfect... more


strip pieced quilting block

Strip Piecing

The Frugal Block

Strip Piecing was invented for the frugal quilter!  It is a great way to use up bits and pieces of fabric that you have left over from other projects... more


watercolor sunflower quilting block

Watercolor Quilts

Watercolor blocks and piecing is great for beginners, as you are only dealing with Squares.

When I first started doing watercolor quilts, I purchased the 2-inch fusible grid to make the process easier and faster. I soon learned I didn't like the added bulk from the fusible.... more


Making the Fabric Work for You

Below is a picture of one of my recent quilts. 

Notice that it is all squares.  However, because of the strong floral fabrics,
it doesn't feel too angular.  It is very simple quilt- nothing but squares. 
The fabric is doing the work to make this quilt pretty.

Notice also the fabrics that read solid from a distance.  This gives
the eye a break from all the pattern.

Click Here to see an Easy Autumn Quilt

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