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You And Your Quilt/Care Of...

By Tonie Day

Use them as you like because there is no limit on how and where you choose to use them! A quilt is a bed covering composed of a quilt top, a layer of batting {can be down, wool, cotton or a manmade product} and a layer of fabric for backing, sometimes reversible.

Some Quilts have aesthetic value to consider such as an 'art quilt', which goes beyond the basic 'bed quilt' and are not used as bedcovering at all, but are rather made to be hung on a wall or otherwise displayed.

Our quality quilts will not only compliment your bed and add interest to your room but are made to withstand years of use, maintaining their brilliant colors and soft textures.

I have listed a few ways to take care of your quilt in or out of storage. Rest assure you have bought the best here and will enjoy for many years to come.

1. Keep quilt out of direct sunlight.

2. When storing quilt, always ROLL, never FOLD, to keep creases away.

3. NEVER store quilt in plastic.

4. Older quilts should be washed by hand using 'Ensure' or 'Orvis' soap, made especially for older fabrics.

5. Dry quilt out in open AIR.

6. Put your quilt in clean sheets or pillow cases when storing.

7. Remove quilt from storage periodically to REFOLD.

8. If your quilt is in need of repairs consult a specialist! A fabric shop may be able to refer you to somebody.


10. If of course it is a newer quilt and used a lot, wash in a commercial washer with cold water, gentle cycle and by its self.

TIP: If it is your quilts' first wash, add .50 cup of white vinegar to set and preserve colors.

We are very busy people these days and do not want to spend precious free time doing laundry and ironing. Cotton bed linens are easy to care for and with better quality, you get not only easy care but comfort too!

There are endless fabrics, colors and textures to consider so think carefully about your choices.

About the Author: We are Carolyn and Tonie of This is our first on-line store and we hope to sell lots of luxurious bedding, from beautiful quilts to sheets and lots more!! So, come visit and look around because you might find something you just can't live without! 


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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