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Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

By Patricia Williams

These days, virtually everyone is looking for ways to improve their homes. Fun and rewarding projects come to mind every day. Most homeowners pay close attention to home improvements inside rather than outside the homes, with many focusing on bathroom renovations. Bathroom improvements are important, as this is the place where family members spend time rejuvenating and sometimes relaxing.

If your bathroom can use an update, it is not necessary to break out the paintbrush. Maybe all you really need is a scrub brush. Here are a few tips and techniques to bring out the best in your bath:

Windows of Opportunity
Many bathrooms don't require new windows, but could certainly benefit from a thorough window and mirror cleaning. To make your glass crystal clear and your mirrors gleam, try this cleaning solution: blend 1/3 cup of clear white vinegar with
1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol. Spray this mixture on bathroom mirrors and windows for an easy and effective deep cleaning.

Shower Fresh
Keep your tub and shower stall clean and fresh by scrubbing once a week with an orange citrus-based commercial cleanser. Spray the cleanser directly on all surfaces to dissolve away dirt and soap scum. Keep wall tiles shiny, seal porous surfaces and create a spot-resistant finish by applying car wax twice a year. This method can also be used on glass shower doors. Do not use car wax on the bathroom or shower floor, as it does create a slippery surface that can be quite hazardous.

Super Bowl
Use vinegar to give your toilet a new lease on life. Pour one or two cups of white vinegar into the toilet tank once a month, to help keep the water clear and eliminate nasty rings in the bowl. Scrub away tough stains using solvent and a toilet brush or pumice stone.

That Sinking Feeling
Your bathroom sink is another area that could benefit from a good scrubbing. An easy home improvement step is to pour one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar. Let this mixture sit for one hour, then flush with warm water to fizzle away the dirt. Use this mixture in your bathtub and kitchen drains as well. Clean around your taps with solvent and an old stiff-bristled nylon toothbrush, and then polish to a gleaming finish using white vinegar and a paper towel.

Do Away With Mildew
To complete your bathroom rejuvenation, remove all traces of mildew. A mixture of peroxide and water should be applied to the walls and ceiling to remove the dirt and germs that can cause mildew.

If you are thinking about a bathroom renovation, hold on. Maybe all it really needs is a little rejuvenation. A good scrubbing, followed by a weekly cleaning regime, will turn your bathroom into the relaxing oasis you deserve.

Patricia Williams is an author for several well-known web sites, on family tips and home living subjects.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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