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Crammed For Space In The Master Bedroom?

By Pamela Tice

The bedroom just seems to be one of those rooms that is simply impossible to decorate properly. Oftentimes, we try and cram small couches and chairs into the space despite the fact that they were really designed for a living room or at least an area larger than we have available . A king size bed can suck up nearly 60 square feet or more of living space from the master bedroom leaving precious little space leftover for other vital furnishings like the dresser, night stand, and at least a chair or something to sit upon.

While you certainly donít want to fight to make it from the bed to the dresser, you also donít want to have the space so barren that it looks more like cheap hotel room than your master bedroom. The bedroom is ultimate sanctuary away from the troubles, stresses, and hassles of the outside world. We retreat here to rest, revitalize, and just relax for a few minutes each day.

Storage space is always at a premium along with seating in a cramped master bedroom which is why you should look into buying a nice bedroom bench. A nice bench made from cedar will be a great place to store away summer linens, bedding, and other bulky clothing items. Plus, a quality-made wooden bedroom bench can double as a sturdy but comfortable sitting area if you cushion it with a nice afghan or quilt. Quality-made, hand-crafted benches will also add some style and decorative flare to the room so it is a great addition in any cramped quarters.

Lighting is sometimes a problem if you donít have the room to place a night stand on either side of the bed. Without these critical staging areas for desk lamps, a ceiling fixture is often all we have available for lighting in the small master bedroom. However, a nice floor lamp can provide ample illumination for catching up on your detective novels while not taking up much in the way of square footage.

Believe it or not, some pretty small master bedrooms are actually equipped with a fireplace. Typically, they are not traditional hearths and are instead fed with natural gas so they do not require the normal fireplace accessories. However, if you do happen to have a fireplace that is fed with wood and donít have the room for the hearth accessories like the tools, wood basket, or other nicetiesóconsider a fireplace screen that comes with Hanging tools or a hearth center which will allow you to store wood and fireplace tools.

The addition of a quality-made bench and a simple floor lamp can really add storage space, provide additional seating, and free up room while still illuminating the room better. These are just simple ideas that will make your retreat from the world a little more comforting while not emptying your bank account.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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