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Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem?

By Nikki Willhite

It is always sad to see people with obvious low self-esteem. It is just as sad to see people build their self-esteem on "sandy soil."

If someone asked you "Where do you get your self-esteem," what would you say?

Your first thought might be to think of some of the things that you do well, such as playing the piano. Or perhaps you would think of some of your attributes, such as your intelligence, and go in that direction.

You might even mention your looks, money or even some of the material possessions that you have accumulated.

While all of these things may be good things, and of value to you, they should not be the source of your self-esteem.

Talents diminish, for a variety of reasons, financial circumstances change, material possessions and money can vanish, and disease can wipe out intelligence and other choice traits of character.

Then what are you left with?

No matter what is taken from you, there is still "you". You are a unique creation.


Have you ever really thought about what had to happen before you arrived for your time on earth?

Tender is the sight of a young mother holding a newly born child. Up until the past few years, mothers' experienced intense suffering during childbirth bringing their children into the world. However, their love was always stronger than the pain, soon forgotten.

In the course of history, many a mother has willingly given up her own life so that a child could live.

How many generations of loving mothers (and fathers) had to precede your arrival? Do you realize the chain of love that brought you here?

I have three sons. There are no words to describe how much I love them. They are now married and have children of their own. Someday those kids will have their own children and so on.

Will those children in the coming generations have any idea how much love preceded their arrival?

Will they know how much love I feel for them as part of my family- even though I am no longer on the earth?

You are a product of love. You are loved by people you do not know who preceded you. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you cannot deny the chain of love that brought you here.

Sometimes children have parents who do not make them feel loved. It is hard, and it does leave scars and additional challenges to face in this lifetime.

Try and forgive your parents, if necessary, but look at the bigger picture.

The only way you could arrive at this earth was through sacrifice, caring, and love. You are loved.

Someday the challenges of this life will be forgotten and left behind. The love will remain.

Think about these things. Ponder them long and hard, and when it truly sinks will know the true source of your self-esteem. Then teach your children.  


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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