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Category: Preparing for Emergencies

Emergency Preparedness

Why you need to prepare now

Part of the job of a Conservative Homemaker is to see that her family has the items that it needs- whether it be a Band-aid or a fresh pillow. Although we don't like to think about it, there are many situations that may arise that call for emergency supplies to be stored in our homes.

We are all subject to the ravages of nature, whether it be earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, etc. Then there are the man-made emergencies; like fires, or strikes, which can empty our store shelves in a matter of days.

Some people think that if you store extra food in your home you are hoarding food. --not so! Our country was built on people growing their own food, and then preserving it to survive. We may not grow it, but there is nothing wrong with buying it in times of plenty.

If you were to go in a store when their was a shortage and buy every up, that would be hoarding. I always judge my actions by the standard of "what would happen if everyone did this?" In this case we would all be better off and feel more secure. How much better for food to sit in our pantry than the store warehouses.

My husband has been an Insurance Claims Adjuster for many, many years. He has seen first hand the aftermath of many of the storms that have hit this country, and what has happened to the people afterwards. In my opinion the "real story" of Hurricane Andrew was never told.

We all heard about the winds and the physical devastation but very little attention was given to the gunfire every night, and the people without guns who helplessly watched as their few remaining possessions were taken away in broad daylight by those who had guns. There is much more.

While my husband was in Florida, he kept a journal. I have included a link to a short article I have written (taken from his journal). I hope that you will enjoy it, and that you will learn from it. Different areas of the country have different needs.

In California, which is so prone to earthquakes and freeway bridge collapses, they recommend that you store a fold-up bicycle in your car trunk, so that if you get stuck on the freeway you will be able to make it home.

They also recommend having someone who lives out of state in charge of making sure everyone is accounted for- as it may work better with the phone lines.

Every area has its own emergency preparedness literature. My advice is general. Be sure and look up the specific literature for where you live.


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Category: Preparing for Emergencies

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