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Category: Kitchen: Veggies and Salads

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Saving Money Eating Potatoes

By Nikki Willhite


Potatoes used to be the mainstream of America's diet. They are abundant year around, and inexpensive. Here are some ways to use them effectively- as far as time and money.

When you boil potatoes, always boil 3 times the amount you need. Cut 1/3 up for potato salad, mash 1/3, and shape the last third into patties and freeze them.

Always save any leftover mashed potatoes. Next time you make them, throw the leftovers in with the new ones you are boiling just long enough to reheat them. No one will ever know.

To make a better mashed potato, add one teaspoon of vinegar or fresh lemon juice to the water. Your potatoes will come out much whiter.

For a fluffier potato, use water instead of milk when beating with your electric mixer.

To make mashing your potatoes easier, cut into small pieces before you boil them.

When making just potato salad, leave on the skin while you boil them. Do not cut them up. The tastiest part of the potato lies just below the skin. After boiling, when they are warm, the skin will come off easily and you will lose less of the potato.

Cook your eggs for your potato salad in the same pot as you cook the potatoes. Just lay them on top.

Potatoes absorb the flavors of spices best while they are warm. Use salt, pepper, celery seed, etc.- a dash of mustard gives it a golden color.

While it may be quicker, potatoes baked in the microwave are not as delicious as potatoes which are buttered and covered with aluminum and baked in your oven.


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