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Easy Plum Jello

by Nikki Willhite

Why did we ever plant so many fruit trees? What am I going to do with all that fruit? Even my family of 5 can't eat it all. I don't want to waste food.

Seattle does not have a long growing season. However, one thing that seems to flourish is the plum tree. What to do with all those plums?

It would be nice if we ate jelly, but no one around here likes it. I am happy to say that I finally came up with a delicious solution to our plum problem.

Take out your canning jars, and your canner. Following the directions in your canning manual carefully; boil the skin off those plums, and then just put them in your mason jars and boil them the allotted time until they are done. Canning is not my favorite thing to do- but as canning goes, this is one of the easier projects.

Now- this recipe is so simple I'm almost embarrased to write it. But it is delicious. Next time you make jello, take out one of those jars you put up with the canned plums. Put the plums in your blender and puree them. After you get your jello in your pan, just add the liquid plum mixture, and chill.

You will be amazed at the delicious taste this gives your jello. The plum mixture goes with every flavor of jello. For the truly ambitious, you can always add things like cream cheese, marshmellows, coconut, nuts, etc. For the truly frugal, you need nothing- it's great.


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