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Category:  Halloween

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Halloween Safety For Pets

By Marilyn Pokorney

Halloween is a fun evening for everyone to enjoy. But it can be a dangerous time for pets. Make sure your pets enjoy the holiday but remain safe.

Give dogs treats but make them a special doggie treat. Chocolate candy can be deadly for dogs. Overeating of any kind of other sweets, such as cookies etc., can also make them sick.

Keep Halloween decorations away from pets. They may swallow small ones, and shiny tinsel, aluminum or tin foil, lollipop sticks, fabrics, beads etc. can all get lodged in the dogs digestive system requiring a fast trip to the veterinary emergency room. Keep your dog inside where it can safely watch all the festivities but keep them safe from quickly slipping outside. Pranksters could make your pet a victim.

Keep cats inside. Especially black ones. Many black cats are lost around the Halloween season and are never found.

Keep your pet away from candles and Jack O'lanterns. The pet may get burned and or start a fire as well by tipping them over. Make sure the name and address tags are on your pet and are up to date just in case your pet gets loose.

If it best not to take pets trick or treating but if you positively must take your pet trick or treating, keep them on a short leash, preferably a harness type, and tied to you, so they cannot easily slip off. Loud and unfamiliar noises can scare most pets.

Make sure your pets costume is comfortable so the pet can walk and see clearly.

If your pet is easily scared by all the noise, strange costumes, excessive doorbell rings, etc., the best thing to do is put them in a room in the back area of the house where they will feel safe. Keep a TV or radio turned on low to help muffle all the scary sounds. And check your pet often to reassure them that all is well.

For more information on holiday costumes for you and your pet visit:

Author: Marilyn Pokorney Freelance writer of science, nature, animals and the environment. Also loves crafts, gardening, and reading. Website: Email: Current address on website


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Category:  Halloween

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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