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Pet Care Tips For Summer

By Mikael Rieck

One of the most fun times of the year to be a pet owner is the nice, warm months of summer. Itís a great time to bond with your pet outdoors and to go for long walks in the park. Your pet will love going outside and seeing the world and being able to run around free and burn up some of that pent up energy. However, as fun as summertime can be, it can also be a very dangerous time as well. There are a lot of different things pet owners need to be aware of to ensure that their pets stay safe this summer and enjoy the beautiful weather.

One of the first pet care tips for summer is obviously the heat. As we all know, the temperatures rise pretty steadily over the hot summer months, and in some places can reach record highs. This can be extremely dangerous for your pet, especially with a thick coat. If youíre experiencing a heat wave in your area when itís very, very hot, then you should probably just keep your pet indoors where itís cool. Make sure to keep the house nice and cool so that your pet doesnít overheat inside either. If you donít have air conditioning then you need to have a fan on your pet.

Keep an eye out for heatstroke, as your pet will be susceptible to this during summer months. If your pet has a dazed look in its eyes, seems to be panting heavily, or salivating badly, your pet may be having heatstroke. One remedy for this is to wet down a towel with cool water, make sure the water is not too cold, and give him a couple of ice cubes to lick on.

One common mistake many people make that ends up being fatal for their pets is leaving them in a parked car in the hot weather. This is really not safe, regardless of how much you have the window cracked or how good the shade is. After sitting for 30 minutes the temperature in your car can reach a devastating 120 degrees! You wouldnít leave your child in a hot car would you? Then, donít leave your pets in one either.

Another vital pet care tip for summer is to make sure that your pet has plenty of water to drink. Make sure the water you give your pets water that is clean and healthy for them to drink as well. Dogs canít sweat like human beings can. They can only sweat through the pads on their paws and when they pant. You can actually lower your dogís body temperature by giving them plenty of water to drink and keep them from getting over heated.

Heartworms are another huge problem commonly related to summer time. Heartworms are parasites that enter a petís blood stream through a mosquito bite. These parasites make their way to the petís heart where they reproduce, often causing death. Mosquitoes are very common in the sticky summer months so take precautions to protect your dog from this parasite. Purchase some heartworm medicine that helps protect your animal from the parasites. Try to avoid environments where mosquitoes are known to thrive in, such as ponds, swamps, and other bodies of water.

If you are planning a vacation, donít leave your pets at home as this can be very dangerous during hot weather. Make sure to make arrangements for your pet at a kennel or just take him or her along with you.

Your pet loves you just as much as you love them, so make sure to have a happy and healthy time this summer.

About the Author: The Author is the happy owner of a pet health and insurance site called Pet Insurance Pro where he shares a lot more information on pet health, pet fitness and pet longevity. Read the latest article on VIP Pet Insurance.

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 Category:  Pets

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