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Save $1000’s Fighting Common Pet Pests

By Nicholas Scoville

There are several cheap and natural ways to fight common pet parasites, several of which are outlined below. These methods have the double bonus of being inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Natural Flea Remedies – Natural methods of fighting flea infestations on your pet and in your home include:

1. Ensure that you pet is eating a healthy and complete diet. A healthy pet is naturally better prepared to fight off parasitic infestations.

2. A well groomed pet is also a fantastic natural barrier to fleas and other pests. When a pet is well groomed, their body’s inherent pest fighting oils will be in full force.

3. Feeding your pet garlic can help repel fleas. Garlic has many fantastic properties that well suit it for this kind of use, and it will increase your pets well being at the same time. A ˝ teaspoon for small dogs and 1 teaspoon for larger ones of garlic powder sprinkled over their favorite food should be sufficient.

4. Feeding you pet Brewster’s yeast, as in the beer ingredient, can have a similar effect as Garlic in repelling fleas. Brewster’s yeast can usually be found near the flour and bread making supplies in a typical grocery store. A ˝ teaspoon for small dogs and 1 teaspoon for larger ones of Brewster’s yeast sprinkled over their favorite food should be sufficient. You can combine the Brewster’s yeast and garlic powder for a natural double punch.

Natural Tick Remedies – Natural methods of repelling and removing ticks off of your pets include:

1. Sodium borate can also be sprinkled on the carpet to help control ticks. Sodium borate will dry up both fleas and their larvae and is effective for up to one year after being applied to a carpet.

2. When a tick is found embedded in the skin, use a fine pointed tweezers at the point of attachment, and grasp firmly. Using slow, steady, and firm traction, pull the tick straight out from the skin. Cleanse the skin with mild soap and water. If part of the tick breaks off, you can try to remove it as you would a splinter, but it is probably best to leave it alone. The body will 'eject' it in time. Place the tick in a jar of alcohol, noting the date, in case of future illness. Tick identification and location of tick infestation will be important.

3. Do NOT use a match or caustic materials to try to smother the tick or get the tick to 'back out'. This doesn't work, and may be causing the tick to regurgitate more saliva (and potential pathogens) into the skin.

Natural Worm Remedies – Most worm and worm-like parasites that infect pets are serious conditions that require the attention of qualified medical personnel. Keeping your pet healthy and well groomed are important factors in the fight against worms. Picking you after any suspected sick animal, especially if you have more than one animal is extremely important.

These methods are good at keeping fleas, ticks and worms at bay, but are mostly preventative measures, that is they are not meant to fight a full on infestation. If an infestation begins to get out of control, it may be necessary to use a chemical method to remove the harmful plague. If the swarm of insects becomes unmanageable and is leading to an unhealthy situation for you and your pet, please seek professional pest assistance.

About the Author: Visit our companion sites - free flea advice , - tick articles and - wormy pet information for more information on fighting pet parasites.


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