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Dog Training Tips

By Fayola Peters

8 dog training tips for you and your dog

Dog training requires simple persistence to be a successful and delightful experience for you and your dog.

Here are 8 dog training tips to guide you along the way.

1. Dog Training Tips - Get your dog's attention Before you can start training your dog you first need to get its attention. You can do this by talking to him and offering him a small treat.

2. Dog Training Tips - Use the correct dog training supplies If you have a well behaved dog a six foot training lead and a regular buckle collar will do. However if you dog is uncontrollable you should use a training collar. For the right collar size measure the dogs' neck and add 2 inches.

3. Dog Training Tips - For safety in vehicles Before you introduce your dog to the inside of a moving vehicle you should teach him the 'down!' and 'stay!' commands. This ensures that he spends the ride on the floor of the vehicle.

4. Dog Training Tips - Elimination When your dog got to go it got to go. To prevent your dog from getting busy on the carpet you should train him to eliminate on command.

5. Dog Training Tips - Praise Always praise your dog when he learns a new command.

6. Dog Training Tips - Reprimand Do not hit your dog! Any time your dog is engaging in bad behavior, use the opportunity to teach him the 'stop!' or 'no!' command. Using the 'stay!' command can also be effective in these situations.

7. Dog Training Tips - Play with your dog This will help in building the bond between you and your dog.

8. Dog Training Tips - Do some dog training everyday Don't rush dog training. Teach your dog one command at a time and don't move on until he gets it. A little dog training everyday is all that's needed.

Well that's it for my dog training tips. Enjoy training your dog and remember that it takes simple persistence.

Fayola Peters is the webmaster of ( Do you want to be able to take your dog anywhere, and KNOW that he'll listen to you... even if tempted by another dog, a cat, or even a piece of food??? Then check out: "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer: An Insider's Guide To The Most Jealously Guarded Dog Training Secrets In History!" By Adam G. Katz, Owner of South Bay K- 9 Academy and Dog For more information, go to:

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 Category:  Pets

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