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Category:  Family Fun

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Fun Preschool Activity

 Display Your Treasures

By Preschool

Teaching Objective/Before you Begin

This is a great time of the year to look for treasures of nature in your neighbourhood. As the season changes so do the items you find outside. Explain to your preschooler what is happening as the leaves change colors and fall off the trees, the summer flowers die and fall flowers begin to bloom, nuts and seeds are swept off the trees, and the grass begins to turn brown. Look for the beauty of the season as you help your child collect items to take home. When you help her make a simple case in which to display her treasures she will have lots of opportunity to use her small motor skills. Be sure to point out to her which items are heavy and which are light. You will be giving her a number of lessons in science as you do this activity with her.

Materials Needed

A bag or basket
An empty cereal box
Tape Scissors
Glue Paper
Markers or crayons

Activity Steps

1. Suggest taking a walk around your neighbourhood to collect nature's treasures your child might find

2. Give her a bag or basket to put small items in as you go - things like pretty colored leaves and flowers or weeds, a special rock, different kinds of nuts and seeds, feathers, etc.

3. Back home look at each item, talk about each one, decide where it might have come from, how it could be used to nourish animals or trees or grass, what people might do with the item, etc.

4. Using the empty cereal box make a display case for your treasures - glue the cover shut and cover the box with plain paper - carefully cut one large side out and reinforce any week parts with tape inside the empty shell

5. Ask your child to decorate the sides of the display case with markers or crayons

6. Glue your collected treasures inside the box - put the heavier ones on or near the bottom and the lighter ones higher in the box

7. When finished place your treasure box in an appropriate place to show others as they come to your home

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Category: Family Fun

Related Links | Family FunVacations |

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