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Category:  Weight Control

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How To Avoid Overeating (Humor)

By Paula Martinez

From a formal dinner to a grilled food cookout overeating is the most disastrous thing you can do. Overeating seems to be one of our favorite past times and it shows.

In a health conscious world no one seems to see the importance of knowing what is in the cuisine they are eating. It is increasingly important to know that zeal for food does not mean to eat everything in sight.

Know the nutritional information that will help you deal with the dangers of over indulging. This way you get to think about what food and drink choices  bring you pleasure and health.

Otherwise just follow one or more of these tips so you do not overeat.

Tricks of the Trade for Overeaters

1. Do not go anywhere to eat starving. If you do,  all bets are out the window.

2. Eat very slowly. Tell people you choke if you donít eat slowly; now they can watch you carefully.

3. Put small amounts of food on your plate. Tell everyone you have food allergies and you have to test each item and wait at least an hour to see if you have a reaction.

4. Make an announcement that you are a health expert and warn everyone about the food. Now all eyes are on you. That should cramp your usual eating style.

5. Try to table hop or keep talking so all eyes are focused on you.

6. Wear something that is not flattering so you do not forget why you will not grab the last piece of dessert.

7. Make sure everyone hears you say  "I am so full I can not eat another bite or I will barf." Now remember everyone is watching you carefully.

8. Complain about the quality of the food and remind everyone about your last bout of food poisoning.

9. If all else fails pick a fight and get thrown out of the restaurant or your in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.

10. The last tip is just in case the last nine are not your  style - get up and dance the evening away even if there is no band or DJ.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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