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Frugal Tips for Organizing Closets

By Alyssa Davis

Fall is winding down again, and that means time to start thinking about storing old items to get ready for new ones during the Christmas season. Although we normally consider spring the ideal time to organize, the fall months can be a great opportunity for dealing with stuffed closets. There is also a great need unwanted items at this time of the year too, from homeless shelters, to donating centers for the needy and thrift stores, so there are plenty of people who need and will gladly take your extra items.

While there are many organizational products that can be used to organize a close, Organization does not have to cost a lot of money. Here are a few frugal tips for organizing closets effectively and efficiently.

Step One: Throw it away!

Many people have a hard time throwing things away. We focus on trying to make some of our money back for the items that we have purchased, especially if items are old or antiques. This does work sometimes, such as with antique furniture that is in great condition; however, you must understand how to price the piece in order to sell it in a reasonable amount of time. However, certain items are better off thrown away.

Clothes are a great example of something that can usually be donated if it has been stuffed in a closet for years. Thrift stores are overflowing with outdated clothes that no one wants to buy, and chances are great that your stuff will be tossed or rotated back into storage instead of bought and used. Instead of packing away all those clothes and driving to a thrift store to sell them on consignment, consider donating to a homeless shelter or community if you do not want to throw them away, or give them to a nursing home in need of extra items.

Step Two: Create storage for the space.

To go with a frugal approach, use a shower curtain rod to create additional space for hanging clothes. They are a lot cheaper than shelving systems in most cases, and you can hang double the amount of clothes with two rods. Hang dresses, coats, and long items on the top rod and shirts, pants, skirts, and smaller items on the bottom rod to make the most of your closet space. Spring-loaded rods work great for holding lightweight items, but if you have a lot to hang consider the type that mount to add strength and durability to the project for years to come.

Build your own shelves by measuring the space and cutting lumber to fit the area as desired. Premade shelving units can cost hundreds of dollars, but sometimes you can get great deals on slightly damaged boxes or units at a variety of discount stores. Discount and dollar stores also sell storage units at great prices; occasionally thrift stores sell used storage units that can be cut or adapted for closet use at a fraction of the cost. Once you get the storage in place, arrange your items neatly in the closet, and as you add new items keep the space tidy and organized.

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