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One Day Decorating

By Jessica Ackerman

There are a lot of ways that you can spend a day off. You could go to a movie. You could grab a pedicure with your best friend. Or, you could redecorate a room in your home. While it might seem a tall order to change a room’s décor in just one day, there are small changes you can make that will have a big impact on your room.

Maybe you’re bored with the interior of your home but don’t want to spend too much time redecorating it. Maybe you have an elderly parent that has moved in and you want a room blended around their furnishings, taste and age. Whatever your reason for wanting a change, here are a few ideas that will get you started in just one day.


You already know how a fresh paint color can dramatically change your room. Consider painting the entire room or just an accent wall. Another way freshen up your space with paint is to give all the moldings and architectural elements a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Rearrange furniture

Simply changing the layout of your existing furniture can make it feel like a whole new room. Move a chair close to a window to make a perfect spot for reading that is flowing with natural light. Change the traffic patterns to help ease the wear on your floor or carpet. Pull pieces from other room to give them – and your room – new life.

Change accessories

Making changes as small as changing throws and accent pillows can make a big difference. Doing so is a quick and inexpensive way to add new and interesting punches of color. Also, change flower arrangements and other accent pieces to help give your room a fresh new look. All of these changes can be made seasonally, or anytime that you just want a quick change.

Add new lighting

Consider adding a ceiling fan, chandelier, recessed lighting or some accent lighting. New lighting features can change the look of a whole room. While changing a fixture is easy, unless you are sure you know what you’re doing, this would be a good time to call in a professional.

While there are many ways you can change a room yourself, there are some times when it’s best to call in a professional. The best example of such a time is when you are attempting to sell your home. Calling in a stager will help you show your home in the most favorable possible light, and that could add thousands of dollars to the sale price of your home.

Not only can professional arranging make use of your existing accent pieces and furniture, it can dramatically transform your rooms in just a few hours. While you may receive suggestions of adding new pieces, in many cases, stagers are able to work with what you already have in your home.

They refresh your space with different arrangements and highlight pieces, which you may have stored in your attic or garage. In this way they can help you achieve a totally new look that is attractive and practical in only a few hours.
Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, redecorating a room or two is a great way to spend an afternoon off!

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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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