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Category:  Beauty

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Hazards Of An Oily Skin

By Jefferson Steelflex

Nature has gifted us different textures of skin. Each of them has their benefits and each has some disadvantages. We cannot go beyond the discipline of nature, so we have to live with it accepting the way we do have. Skin is like a natural wealth. All of us dream to have a glowing healthy skin. However, the dusty and dull environment outside often hinders our dream. Apart from this general external factor, there are ample reasons, which are often responsible to give birth to the skin troubles. Although troubles are not less in number with the dry skins, but when counted, oily skin becomes the champion of all kinds of trouble.

Having an oily skin is not altogether a curse. Persons with oily skin have shiny skin most of the times. This texture of skin also delays the premature aging of the skin and at the same time prevents the wrinkles to come. However, which is very irritating is that, oily skin is more troublesome than any other texture of skin. It often faces the trouble of pimples overall. Apart from this, the oily skin often becomes dull and gloomy. The excess oil then creates a lot of trouble making the life hazardous for all those having oily skin.

The causes of excess oil in the skin are many. Apart from the environmental effect, heredity is also responsible for the outbreak of excessive oiliness in the skin. Besides, the hormonal imbalance, the intake of birth control pills is quite responsible for the same. Excessive humidity in the weather and specially the summer are the main occasion when pimples break out in a massive scale. In addition, the cosmetics, we often use for our regular make up, contain harmful chemicals that cause the imbalance of the skin overall. Apart from the above reasons, the hormonal transformation and changes within the adolescents are well responsible for the excessive oil growth in our skin. As the troubles with the oily skins are not less in number, thus it is important to know the preventive methods too to fight the hazards overall.

Treatment for the excessive oiliness is important, as it is responsible for various kinds of skin disorders. An oily skin is generally very sensitive and trouble making. The natural methods are best way to restrain the troubles to encounter you. Frequent washing of the skin with plenty of semi warm water is important to keep the skin oil free. In addition to this, try to use the soaps that are mild in nature. Harsh soaps even snatch the minimum moisture from our skin that is again very harmful in itself. A person with oily skin should avoid applying the make ups that are oil based or even dehydrated. You need to take care that the pores of your skin are not blocked with excessive sebum. Opt for the oil free moisturizers to give your skin the proper nourishment. Always, try to maintain a healthy and hygienic life and take care of your regular diet as well. Add a lot of green stuffs and fruits into the same and intake at least ten to twelve glasses of water regularly. In other words, you can win a trouble free skin if you lead a stress free healthy life and maintain the proper health care from the very beginning.


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Category:  Beauty
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