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5 Common Mistakes New eBay Sellers Make

By John Thornhill

New eBay sellers sometimes make mistakes when starting out on eBay. Here are the five most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Poor Auction Title.

Most new sellers create an auction that is selling a good product but they fail to make sales because they have a poor auction title. Having a good auction title is crucial as this is the thing most potential buyers are going to see before anything else. To improve your eBay auction title you should; use as many of the available 55 characters as possible, use keywords that relate to your product and try to make your eBay auction title as "to the point" as possible.

Incorrect Item Description.

Many new eBay sellers also fail to write a correct item description. If the item description does not accurately match the product buyers who have received the item will see you as a "liar" and will most likely leave a negative feedback comment and never buy form you again, also the negative feedback will deter other potential buyers. To create a good item descriptions simply describe the product accurately giving as much information about the product as possible without waffling on.

Poor Listing Appearance.

Your eBay auction listing is the thing that will sell your product. You must be careful when changing the appearance of the listing. Be careful not to make it so the text is hard to read by putting a background of a similar colour on the listing. If the potential buyer cannot read your listing properly they will simply look elsewhere. Try to use contrasting colours so that the text is easy to read. For example a yellow background with blue text will make the text very easy to read.

Not Using Pictures In Listings.

Everyone likes to see a picture of what they are buying, for example if you are selling an item of clothing and you do not have an image how on earth is the buyer supposed to know whether the item of clothing looks good or not. Even an image that is low detail is better than no image at all. You can put one image on your listing for free and add extras for a few cents each. So if you can try to have a few images perhaps form different angles.

Charging Excessive Posting.

Another huge mistake many new eBay sellers make is charging an overly large amount of posting they think by selling an item for 99 cents but having the postage cost at $5 will make them more money. But in truth if they see that they are basically paying $5.99 for an item worth 99 cents they will just look elsewhere.
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Category:  Jobs

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