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Old-fashioned Interviews Are OUT! Learn How To Manage The New Alternative Interview . . . Or Else!

By Paul Bowley

Remember the way it used to be? If you haven't been in the job market recently you probably haven't heard about the Alternative Interview. Better learn now!

In the old days (a few years ago), the interviewer would start out by asking questions like, "Tell me a little about yourself," or "Talk to me about your strengths and weaknesses."

Those days and those questions are gone forever! They've been replaced by the "competency based" or "values-based" alternative interview.

The old-fashioned interviews were focused on who you were as an interviewee. The new alternative interview focuses on what you bring to the table in order to be successful on the job.

The interviewer is likely to ask behavioral questions that prompt you to talk about specific skills (or shortcomings) that had an impact on your recent job situations.

These alternative interview questions give the employer an opportunity to select candidates that strengthen the corporate culture. They pick the ones who share the values of the organization.

For example, this alternative interview method lets the employer see a sample of your previous work. They can visualize how you handle certain situations and learn how you interact with co-workers. In other words, an employer is looking for someone who brings value to the organization, not someone who tells you what you want to hear.

There's more than one interview challenge. But the toughest by far is learning how to sell yourself! Don't know how? You're dead in the water!

I know. Everybody says your work history and list of accomplishments will sell themselves. Your interview challenge is to tout your past efforts and answer all the questions politely. WRONG!

Here's what the real interview challenge is all about. It all starts with changing some misconceptions about job search. You see, most of us were given advice that an interview with a prospective employer means talking about your background and work history.

Like I said, nothing could be further from the truth.

It's not about your past or what you used to do for someone else. It's about how you come across right now, in the present moment. That means you have to sell yourself so people get a powerful snapshot of you . . . one that makes them sit up and pay attention to you!

And since some of your best job recommendations and referrals are going to come from people you already know and respect, you must be able to sell them as well. In short, the interview challenge is all about selling yourself!

The best way to guarantee your interview success is to have a plan of action that walks you through all the issues that may come up. And prepares you successfully manage all the selling opportunities that will emerge.
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Category:  Jobs

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