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Decorative Uses For the Scarves You Used to Wear  

By Nancy, the Frugal Decorating Diva

Scarves are still one of the most beautiful fabric pieces available today. Their original use, as an accessory for an outfit, has never gone out of style. We have worn them around our neck, wrapped around our head and in the pockets of or clothing.  

I am finding that I really love decorating with them as well. How? Here are some ideas you may want to consider:  

1 - Sort them by colors, and size, and use all the same sized ones, with complimentary colors to make a table runner, or table cloth. You can assemble this with lose hand-stitched whip stiches, that don't damage the scarf.  

2 - Drape them over lampshades. I do this here with lamps that have 40 watt bulbs. If you do this, be very sure you don't have your scarf too close to your bulb or that you use a bulb of a higher wattage than 40 watts. 

3 - I have also used scarves to cover lifts that I use to raise some items up in some of my tablescapes. For instance, loosely cover an empty small box with a pretty scarf, set it on a table and place a small figurine on the box. Then add two other items to the display, nestled in the folds and drapes of the scarf. 

4 - Create a new lamp by standing a thin lamp inside a vintage handbag, then drape a scarf out of the handbag, with some jewelry and a pair of glasses. I did this and I love it. 

5 - I use some of my larger scarves as a drape over my wicker chairs. They can be used as a "slipcover" for a chair seat, using pins on the back of the cushion to secure the scarf in place and not damage it. 

6 - Use your scarves as dresser scarves.

7 - Frame them. If you do so between two pieces of acrylic, you can hang them where they can be seen from both sides. A good place to do this is over a table like a chandelier or in a place where you want a small "room divider - something where you want your eye to divide the room, but not have all the space taken up by a true room divider. 

8 - Use them as a curtain valance by just draping them over your curtain rods. 

9 - I have some draped over the edge of some of my display shelves here. They add another element to the displays by breaking up the straight lines of the shelf edges. 

10 - Hang scarves topped with hats off a peg rack to make a wall display. 

Hopefully, you will find some of these ideas useful for that collection of yours. I look at my scarves as pieces of art, and like to display them accordingly. 

Nancy, the Frugal Decorating Diva, turning "stuff" you have and don't want, into "stuff " you need. Read more about how to do that at or email Nancy at


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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