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Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

or ANY Bathroom

by Nancy, the Frugal Decorating Diva

One of the smallest rooms in our homes is usually our bathrooms. Finding space to store the "stuff" we want and need in a bathroom can be a challenge.The following ideas may be useful to you for bathroom storage:   

1. Repurpose stuff - I use an umbrella stand in my bathroom to hold toilet paper, a plant stand to hold shampoos and bath stuff, and a pedestal fruit bowl to hold washcloths.   

2. Decorate with your bathroom "stuff". The obvious thing is to hang your bathroom linens on hooks on the walls (I made a set for my bathroom out of the lids from three wooden canisters I was not using. BTW, I used the canisters themselves as "lifts" in some of my tablescapes").    

3. Use the back of your bathroom door for storage. Humble chicken wire makes a great storage unit. I saw this last weekend, where a door was covered with chicken wire and when hooks were hung off the wire holding lots of things, including baskets holding stuff. This I will be doing myself soon. You might think this would only "work" in real primitive decor, but that wasn't true in this case. The baskets hanging off the wire were very contemporary making the end result look contemporary as well.    

  4. Your over-the-toilet and under-the-sink storage will vary with each bathroom design. No matter what your sink design is, storage can be "made" if none exists by skirting the sink to hide things under it, or by putting baskets, boxes (even hatboxes) or tins under it in full view.   

A good wall mounted storage unit (perhaps over the toilet) is a video/DVD stand, mounted on it's side.    

5. Look up. Can you mount shelving over the door or the mirror? Do your current cabinets go all the way to the ceiling? Mine don't and I store stuff on top of the cabinets.

6. Can you maximize the storage you have? I found I could store more by separating "stuff" into baskets and stacking them inside the closets/drawers.   

7. Would taking the doors off your cabinets/closets make more storage? This may be counter-intuitive, but it did work in one of my bathrooms. I was able to use some of my collections (baskets, aluminumware,milk glass) as both storage and decor.

8. Can you mount storage on the SIDE of cabinets or closets in your bathroom? Maybe a magazine rack on the side of a cabinet near the toilet or shelving near the sink and/or mirror?   

9. What about shelves UNDER the cabinets you have?  

10. Can any storage be made INSIDE your tub or shower stall? I found a rack that sits across the bathtub (from side to side) that I store bath stuff in.   

"Stuff" storage just got easier.  

Nancy, the Frugal Decorating Diva, turning "stuff" you have and don't want, into "stuff " you need. Read more about how to do that at or email Nancy at 


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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