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Saving Money with More Tips

By Nikki Willhite

Here are a few more tips to save money. Be sure and visit the links above for many more tips.

Automobiles – buy at the end of the year, and purchase a fleet vehicle with low mileage.  Take good care of it, inside and out, and keep it for years.   My Prism is a ’91- and it is a good looking car (waxed twice a year) and totally reliable (50,000 miles and well serviced).
Appliances – do your research, and buy appliances with a good consumer rating that last.
Babies – buy as many clothes and furniture items as you can used, at garage sales or online.  Look to family and friends for hand-me-downs.  Use a food processor and make your own baby food.
Budgeting – Know where your money goes.  Pay yourself first- at least 10%.  Expenses always rise to meet income, so try and put the money aside before it ever reaches your hands.  If you don’t have a savings plan from your employer, have the bank do an automatic weekly transfer from your checking to your savings account.
Children – Teach them the value of money so you avoid the “gimmes”.  Involved them in wholesome activities, such as scouting. Do as many activities  with them as your time permits so you will have a good relationship and they will avoid the pitfalls of adolescence.
Children's Stories – Read to your children when they are young.  Foster appreciation for books and education.  Encourage good grades and study habits.  Scholarships save money. 
Christmas & Gifts -  Don’t fall prey to materialism.  Luxury and high priced gifts are not necessary to show love, the one thing that bring you the most happiness.
Cleaning  & Clutter – Avoid accumulating over-priced, and unnecessary cleaning products.  Be as organized as possible so that which you have purchased is used, items you already have are not purchased again because they are “lost”ost under the bathroom sink,  or become too old to use.
Clothing & Beauty -  Be smart with your wardrobe.   Buy classic clothes that will last for years.  Buy quality neutrals for the bottom half of your body.  Keep your more trendy clothing near your face, in less expensive items.  Mix and match all the items you can in your wardrobe.  Keep children’s clothing in primary, unisex colors, so they can be passed down, with minor alterations.
Computers – Make good use of your computer.  Save money with online banking, correspondence, education, investments, greeting cards, recipes, research and more.
Credit, Credit Cards & Identity Theft – Check your banking and credit card accounts often.  The Summer of My Discontent  to read about my experiences.
Debt – If possible, avoid debt except for your home and for educational expenses.
Decorating Basics – Buy classic upholstered furniture that can be slip covered if necessary, and keep carpet and large furniture pieces in neutral colors.  Add color to your room with paint and accessories.
Decorating Room by Room – Avoid trendy items that you will soon tire of.
Gardening and Landscaping – Plant trees around your home to help with utility bills.  Deciduous trees shade your home in the summer, while letting the sun in during the cold winter months.  Start a garden, and grow the food your family loves and will eat.  Do your research so that you prepare the soil properly for an abundant harvest.
Happiness -  Keep positive, and you will strengthen your immune system, and have less trips to the doctor.
Healthy Living -  Avoid recreational eating.  Maintain a healthy, stable weight.  Have more energy for the things you want and need to do, and avoid excess spending on clothing because of weight fluctuations.
Hobbies and Crafts – Use your hobby or craft to pick up a little extra money, or to support your crafting itself. Sell a few of your items, or give them as gifts.
Holidays and Celebrations – Establish family traditions with your celebrations.  Spend your money on the things you will really enjoy.   Visit those less fortunate with your children to help them appreciate their blessings during the holidays.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make a batch of cookies and deliver them to someone who will appreciate both your visit and the cookies.
Homes,  Buying and Selling – When possible, stay in the same home as long as possible.  Get a 15-year fixed rate mortgage, or make extra principal payments on a 30-year loan.  Work toward the goal of home ownership.
Home Improvement and Maintenance – Maintain your property.  Check often for water or insect damage, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars if it gets out of control.  Be a good neighbor.  Good friends share, and you will all benefit.
Investing, Taxes and Retirement – Always take advantage of any employer fund that provides a matching sum of money.  Start investing as soon as you can.  Put that $10 a week for pizza in  a mutual fund with a 9 percent annual return, and in 30 years it will  be worth a quarter of a million dollar.  Don’t assume you won’t ever be that old or that you won’t need it then!
Jobs and Careers – Invest in yourself. The higher the educational level, the more money and security you will have throughout your life.
Kitchen Help – Avoid convenience foods. Make as many of your foods from scratch as time will allow.  Know which boxed products save money, such as cake mixes.
Parenting Help – Be good to your children, and they will be your friends for life.  If you are lucky enough to have them live near you, not only will you reap the benefit of their love, but you will share many, many things, saving you both money.
Romance, Dating, Weddings – Getting married doesn’t have to cost money.  Having an expensive wedding and reception isn’t going to make the marriage last longer or be more stable.  Don’t give in to materialism.
Shopping Help – Think of your purchases in terms of time.  Is that blouse you want really worth 5-hours of your time?
Simple Living – Live simply and you will avoid stress.  Do you really need to read another manual for some new gizmo you don’t really need?
Utilities - Have a home energy check by a professional to learn where you can save the most energy fixing up your home.  Insulation usually provides the most return for your money.
Keep your water heater no higher than 120 degrees F, and check to see if it has a “vacation setting” if you leave town.  Always run full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher, as most of the cost of these appliances comes from heating up the water.
Vacations – Take up camping.  After the initial expensive, it is frugal, family fun. 



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Related Links | My Favorite Money Saving Ideas | Tips for the Truly Frugal |  Favorite Frugal Tips |

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