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How to Monitor your Children's Curfew and Still get your Sleep

By Nikki Willhite

When you children become teenagers, they will start going out with their friends in the evening. Most conservative parents give their children a time to be home, or a curfew. However, it is often difficult for parents to stay awake and wait for their children to come home.

You may have to get up early in the morning, or your body is use to going to sleep at 10:00 PM. Trying to stay up until midnight can "wipe you out" the next day. Yet, you feel the responsibility to make sure your child comes home safely before you go to bed, and to monitor their activities. What do you do?

The answer is as easy as an inexpensive wind up alarm clock- with a very loud alarm! When you child leaves, set the alarm for the time they are due home. Set the clock in front of the door. If they arrive home on time, they can turn it off. If they are late, the alarm will go off, waking up the household.

You can then get up and wait for them. You will not be in a very good mood. Between that, and the consequences you have imposed for their tardiness, chances are they will not do it again.


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