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Tips In Making Homemade Gifts From Your Children

By Marianne Jackson

Kids love playing a part in the Christmas festivities and when you let them make their gifts it is also educational. They learn they can reach their goals through the process of creation, hard work and organization. Most importantly, through gift-making they obtain a strong moral foundation by sharing their love and caring for others. There are many easy homemade gifts that your children can make for friends, family and neighbors. By just taking a little time out of your schedule, you can provide an example of the spirit of love for your children and other special people in your life. These easy craft gift ideas are inexpensive to make and a lot of fun, as well. Start a new family holiday tradition of homemade gift making with your children.

Easy gifts for your kids to make at Christmas time can be so many things. How about an easy latch hook rug kit your child can make for a loved one? Many major discount stores carry them. Start your child off with a small project that he will be proud to give as a gift. Appealing designs are cats or flowers. These are very safe for your child to begin on because there are no small dangerous items such as needles or scissors. A good idea is to separate the little yarn threads into small storage containers, so he will be able to use them as needed. The latch hook itself is very safe - it has no sharp parts - but be careful to warn your child not to run with it. The kitís canvas is clearly marked with where to place the colored yarn, and the back can be taped for later quick stitching so it will hold securely.

Another fun homemade gift project is fleece scarves. Material is easily found in fabric and craft stores. The material is available in a variety of designs, from solids to colorful holiday prints. With your child as your helper, you can cut and measure the width and length necessary. Edges can be plain or cut them into short strips on the end to add some pizzaz. Let the kids wrap it themselves by rolling it tightly and then tying it with a ribbon.

Another homemade Christmas gift that kids can easily make is a lightweight balsa wood box for storing little personal items or stamps. It can be decorated with small colored beads, or glue faux jewels on the lid, and then perhaps put a picture of the child on the inside of the box. Add a cardboard bottom for a little extra support and then put a felt lining for some added color. Make it a keepsake by adding a special date on the top of the box.

Kids also like to give other box type gifts, such as clear plastic formed boxes. Companies on the internet carry them. Spend just a few extra dollars and buy one with a slit on the top for a piggy bank for their friends. Make the box unique by painting it with permanent paint in a favorite color and then glue a multicolored ribbon on it. Your child may like to add a penny to the box to get the gift recipient started on his new piggy bank.

Other easy gifts for kids to make are simple ribbon bookmarks or ribbon jewelry. Make plain pillowcases a special and unique gift by having your kids dip their hands in paint and print their names on the pillowcase. Grandparents will love these gifts because theyíre not only useful, they will be able to keep their grandchildren close to their hearts every night when they go to sleep.

Helping your children create these easy projects will mean so much to them and others, especially those that live apart from them. Your kids want to be able to say that they made their gift themselves, so be sure to let them do as much of the gift-making as they can. It can be tempting to correct them, but allow yourself to ignore their little mistakes, and know that they are making their gifts with the all the love that is in their hearts. And isnít that the true spirit of Christmas?

Marianne Jackson is a staff writer at Christmas Gazette and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Family Review.



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Category:  Gifts

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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