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Save Money with Minimalist Decorating Techniques

By Alyssa Davis

If you're looking for a home decorating style that is refreshing, relaxing and very affordable, it's hard to beat the beauty of minimalist decorating. If you currently have this nagging feeling that you simply have too much "stuff" and clutter around your home, you and your family will probably welcome the simplicity and serenity that minimalist decorating can bring. If you've always thought that homes decorated in a minimalist fashion had to be boring, cold and unwelcoming, think again. In fact, once you've cleared out the clutter and have discovered the beauty of owning fewer possessions, you'll probably feel less stressed and actually liberated. As an added bonus, it's probably the least expensive decorating style of all, since you won't need to buy a lot of decorating accessories and accent pieces. Here are a few tips that you can use to streamline your home decorating style and safe money at the same time.

Clear the Clutter

If you are like most people, you've probably accumulated more clutter and possessions than you really need. Clutter can create a lot of visual distraction, which can create stress and make it hard to focus and relax. Start by cleaning your home, room by room. To make the job easier, turn it into a family activity. As you assess each of your possessions, ask yourself if you really need it. Unless you are actually using it or it is a treasured possession or memento, the answer to that question should be "no." You can simplify the sorting process by dividing everything into big boxes or bins. As you clean each room, you should end up with a box of items to be saved, a box of items that can be donated to charity or sold, and a box of items to throw away. You could even plan a garage sale, selling all the items in your "to sell" box. Instead of costing money, your new minimalist decorating scheme will have actually made you some money.

As you clean each room, pick out a few of your favorite decorating accessories. Since a home completely devoid of décor would be quite dull and boring, you'll want to put back at least a few of your previous pieces. However, in most cases one or two purely decorative pieces per room should be sufficient, such as a framed family photo, a simple vase of flowers, or a beautifully framed piece of wall art.

Use Fewer Furniture Pieces

If your home is currently stuffed with too many pieces of furniture, it's time to simplify. Once each room has been cleaned, assess the layout and furniture arrangement. If there are any pieces of furniture that you don't really need or any that simply seem to be cluttering the room, add them to your pile of things that you plan to sell or donate.

Advantages of a Minimalist Lifestyle

In addition to the obvious cost savings of not needing to buy a lot of unnecessary items, there are also a lot of other reasons to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Once you've pared down your possessions, you'll find that your home will be a lot easier to keep clean. Since you'll have fewer items that you need to buy, you can focus more on quality instead of quantity. Most people find that a sparsely decorated home is more relaxing and less stressful. Plus, there's a certain beauty in knowing that you're consuming less and leaving a smaller footprint on the environment.

Designer and writer, Alyssa Davis of, has many ideas for bringing style to your home with outdoor wall grilles and tropical art decor.

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