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Storage Ideas For Kids Rooms

By Mike Boyd

Finding storage in your home can be a challenge by itself. But finding storage in your kids room can sometimes seem impossible! Fortunately there are many storage choices available today to make the task possible.

Youth single bunk beds offer more space and storage then traditional beds. Units usually come with a bed on top and storage space below that include a desk with lots of drawers. Also included is a hutch with shelves for storage space that help organize clutter and provide space for a computer and video game. These multi units reduce the need for additional furniture and allow space for book shelves or other accessories that can be used for storage.

Other furniture storage ideas to look for are toy boxes that can hold toys, bench style chairs or window seats that include a storage area underneath the seat.

Probably the most useful and convenient storage space in a child's room. Use of wired shelves can double for storing boxes, toys, games and other items while allowing space to hang clothes. Hooks on the ceiling or walls help keep items off the floor.

Hanging closet organizers are perfect for storing seasonal clothes, or holding sweaters, shoes, and accessories on extra deep shelves. Bins, boxes or crates can hold many loose items or toys and are space savers when stacked on top of each other. If your child is small, put the things they can get themselves down low. By making it accessible, they will be able to put things away more easily.

Need a great solution for displaying all those knick-knacks or trophies? Install shelves, side by side, around the perimeter of the room, a few feet below the ceiling. You will have yards of space for lots of storage and give your kids room a finished looked.

Recessed shelves are another great idea to create storage. By building shelving units in between studs in the walls, you can gain additional storage space for your children items, while not sacrificing space.

Underbed Storage:
An often over looked area when looking for space. When combined with flat boxes or drawers, items such as board games, legos, etc, can be organized and stored while accessible for your kids. Many length and styles exist that can make use of this valuable storage space.

Also known as cubby units that comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Bins can be stacked, mounted on walls, or stored in closets. Mobile bins also exist that allow you to move them out of the way or allow you child to take them from room to room, while keeping their favorite items organized.

Many styles exist for hooks such as trellis style hooks, shelves with hooks, and over the door hooks. For more style, choose wooden peg racks which can be painted to match the decor of your kids room. Hooks are a good solution to hang up book bags, coats, or anything that you kids imagination will dream up!

Cork Boards:
Need a place to hang up those book reports or paper notes, find cork and make your own pattern or design. By breaking the traditional style that bulletin boards are known, you can design an easy but simple way to organize the paper clutter. Spell you childs name, or create a random pattern and watch that pile of paper disappear.

Many solutions exist to help keep you childs room organized. Look for ideas that blend in to the room and do not stand out, while being functional. Keeping storage for kids rooms simple and accessible, will provide an easy way for them to clean up at the end of the day.

To discover more storage ideas for kids rooms visit for our great selection of home decorating books and ideas.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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