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Category:  Beauty

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Saving Money on Makeup

By Nikki Willhite

Makeup is expensive. It is also something that needs to be replenished and kept fresh for safety reasons.
You can spend a lot of money trying different colors and brands. Find the colors that look best on you, and stick with them. Makeup can be very pricey at the cosmetic counters of department stores. Usually you can find something adequate at discount stores.
Take advantage of free opportunities to sample cosmetics. Home parties and department clinics are worth your time if you need help. There also a few stores that let you return cosmetics if you don't like them.
Take good care of your skin, and you shouldn't have to wear much makeup. If you have a skin problem, you may find that a trip to the dermatologist saves money in the long run.
Keep your makeup minimal, and when possible, improvise. Most people can get buy with a little eye liner, mascara and eyebrow pencil. For special occasions, use lipstick both on your lips and as blush. Or you can buy blush and use it as eye shadow. You can also use mascara to darken your eye browns.
Find the colors that look good on you, use just a few products,
use them up, and buy fresh ones when needed.


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Category:  Beauty
Related Links:  | BeautyClothing and Accessories |

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