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Make Your Own Customized Calendars

By Jessica Ackerman

Calendars are often an important factor for busy families to consider. Without appropriate and easy-to-use calendars, it can be difficult to keep appointments, events and schedules in sync. Although there are plenty of calendars to choose from in office supply stores, sometimes these can be a little bit expensive, especially if you need several calendars. Additionally, sometimes it can be difficult to find a calendar style that truly fits your family's needs. Instead of making due with overpriced calendars that don't provide you with everything you need, why not create your own customized calendars instead? The cost is usually far less as compared to purchasing even economically priced calendars. Plus, you'll be able to customize the calendar so that it better suits how your family intends to use it. Here are some handy tips you can use to keep your family on track with customized calendars.

Calendar Software

Although the cost of calendar software might be more than the cost of a calendar, it's important to remember that in most cases, you'll be able to create as many calendars as you desire. Calendar software generally provides you with templates or "wizards" that make it easy to create a wide variety of calendar styles. You simply design them on your home computer then print them out yourself. In addition to making customized calendars for your own family, you can also make calendars for family members and friends as gifts. Some calendar software makes it easy to create customized photo calendars, which make wonderful and much-appreciated gifts. Simply customize the calendar with family birthdays and events, and you'll have a gift that anyone would be happy to receive.

Online Calendar Resources

Although generally not as full-featured as calendar software, there are many online sites that provide free calendar templates and resources. These can be a great solution if you are really on a tight budget. If you are fortunate enough to find a template that suits your exact needs, this can be a very economical way to create your own calendar. Plus, you might be able to add your own customizations to the calendar template to better suit your needs, since many times the templates are supplied in standard word processing document format. Once you find a calendar that suits your needs, your only expense will be the paper and ink used to print it.

Creative Family-Centric Calendars

Although paper calendars can be quite handy, sometimes you might require something a bit larger and more creative to keep your family organized. A large whiteboard with a calendar drawn on the surface can be a great way to keep everyone's schedule straight. You could also use a permanent marker and ruler to draw a calendar grid on a corkboard. You can then cut circles or squares out of stiff poster board or plastic, writing the numbers 1 through 31 on them. Each month you can simply re-arrange the numbers using push pins to represent the correct day configuration. Or, simply draw one week on the board, Sunday through Saturday. These handmade custom calendars can be quite inexpensive, handy and even fun to use.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with tree wall hangings and contemporary metal wall clocks.

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