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Make Life Work

Repair the Relationship with Yourself

By Rebecca Skeele

What areas of your life are working well? Career? Finances? Relationships? Health? When life works you enjoy fulfillment, happiness, and a sense of well being. "I know how to do this thing called life, and I'm doing it well."

Areas that do not work create stress, fear, and anxiety. You loose sleep. Self-talk quickly collapses into, "I'm a loser. I can't do anything right. Nothing will ever change." How can you rebuild inside and have life humming again?


1.PICK ONE AREA that is not working in your life. Ask yourself: How do I feel about myself? What is my inner self- talk in this area? Am I judging myself, someone else, the world? What do I fear others are saying about me? The first key to refocusing stress, fear and anxiety is getting to the root cause.

2.LET GO. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Adopt the position of neutrality. Pretend you are scientist watching a specimen under a microscope.  Approach your behavior, thoughts and feelings as "Oh, that's interesting." Do not assign meaning.  

3.STOP TAKING LIFE PERSONALLY. -Take a nice deep breath and repeat, "This is not about me.I don't need to control this." Pause and allow that experience to quiet your mind. Repeat often. Entertain a new point of view that everything is FOR you, not against you.

4.ACCEPT YOUR FEELINGS. Make them OK. Feelings are energy, not enemies. Stop judging your feelings and allow them to be.

5.MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES. What new awareness do you have about yourself? Is there a different choice you could make in this situation? What outer step supports that new behavior?

ADJUST YOUR INNER LENS SLIGHTLY and you have a different view that creates lasting change.

PRACTICE NEW CHOICES with patience and soon your career, marriage, finances and health will work for you and life will be rich in abundance and loving.

By Rebecca Skeele, Author, Coach, Counselor. , New Strategies for Living Well -13 years helping people become masterful at cocreating their personal heaven BK: YOU CAN MAKE IT HEAVEN: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving FREE ezine: MAKE IT HEAVEN BOTH on-line:    505 984-1739  


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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