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Keeping Your Scrapbooking Expenses Under Control  

By Kaye Dennan

Keeping Your Scrapbooking Expenses Under Control Scrapbooking can and most probably will be, a "Work In Progress". You will find that you may not have quite the right color on hand, or quite the right embellishment, and that is okay. Just keep working through your book with what you have.

Tizzying Up Your Own Background Page

If you do not want to get into buying pre-patterned background pages you can fancy up your own pages through using several techniques. Stamping is great because you can use the same stamp but by overlapping it, running it down the page as a trim or coloring it in using different colors you can create quite different effects.

For an overall pattern or a border pattern you can use a sponging technique with acrylic colors and get quite unique effects for a background page.

Also, if you are comfortable with computers you can print off pages that have an overall pattern and thereby creating your background page.

Collecting Embellishments

 It is amazing how many things you will have around the house to embellish your pages - buttons, ribbons, wool, glitter and all sorts of other knick -knacks in your hobby and sewing boxes.

You can get some really interesting embellishment pictures from magazines and also from brochures and flyers. Just keep your eyes open.

If you are doing a scrapbook about a holiday, collect little mementos during the holiday to add into the book - they can be anything from serviettes, match boxes, straws, coasters, cards, note paper and the list goes on.


 When using bought lettering it can be quite expensive, in that if you buy a set, you always seem to run out of the vowels first and have heaps of letters left over. Of course, individual letters can be used to embellish, they don't always have to 'spell' anything in particular, just scattered on the page.

Learn to make your own lettering on the computer, print it on card and then you can cut out the individual letters, or shapes incorporating the whole phrase. If you are cutting shapes, print the wording on colored paper. You may even print straight on to your background page. Using a computer can be fantastic because there is such a variety of fonts, line styles and colors. It is really quite endless if you are comfortable with doing this.

Finding Time To Scrapbook

Scrapbook with friends who are doing it too! This way you can share papers and swap smaller bits that you probably wouldn't use otherwise. It makes a great afternoon's fun and you will feed off each other with ideas and expressions to write on your pages.

You could even have a scrapbooking birthday party, probably with a wine or two, or three or four. Keep smiling, and remember you can always paste over something you don't like!

About the Author: Kaye Dennan has owned businesses in the craft and arts industry for over 12 years. Kaye happily shares scrapbooking tips and for more information go to


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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