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Category:  Beauty

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Effective Ways to Lock in That Essential Moisture

By Mary Rogers

You can now enjoy youthful looking skin with the help of effective home remedies for dry skin. Dry skin is not a disease, but it is a condition that one should not shrug off. You might not have the time to take care of your skin but you will suffer for it later on with episodes of itching and even embarrassing moments. Imagine someone touching you to feel only the dryness of your skin? You wouldn’t want that to happen to you so it’s time to try some easy and natural methods.

Dry skin results when your epidermis is not able to hold moisture or receives a lack of it. There are many causes to this condition, such as overexposure to the sun, inadequate hydration, and lack of essential nutrients. Quick and easy home remedies for dry skin can help your skin receive a lot of needed moisture and help lock it in. The result is beautiful skin with a healthy and youthful glow.

First is to eat the right type of foods containing the right vitamins needed to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. A diet containing Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B is the most recommended. Try eating more leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, eggs, and more. These kinds of food contain the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals to prevent your skin from becoming too dry. Don’t forget to drink lots of water because you need to be hydrated enough to keep your skin from getting dry.

Other home remedies for dry skin you can find in your very own kitchen. Why not try adding oatmeal to your bath for instance? Oatmeal is a good source of Vitamin E and it can help soothe your skin, keeping it moist and preventing it from getting dry. Do choose your soap carefully because most of these agents can dry your skin. Try massaging salt onto your skin as well, to help get rid of the dry skin on the surface and reveal a smoother and healthier skin template.

Other good ideas for dry skin home treatment:

Dry Skin Natural Cures with Lemon Grass:

Lemon grass is an aromatic plant smells like lemon, it is excellent as an addition to soups, make sauces of it, make cold or hot tea which is very good for some health problems as a remedy, and more.

perfumes and essential oils can be made from lemon grass and also some medicines.

• To get a better looking skin, drink tea that is made of lemon grass, just blanch its leaves and drink.

Oatmeal Home Remedies for Dry Skin:

Oatmeal is very nutritionist and doesn't have a lot of calories in it. It has curbs, amino, fiber, and vitamins like B and E. It's very good for the health and can be used as a home remedy for different causes.

• Make your own home remedy: Mix oatmeal with vanila extract and baking soda add to a cup of warm water to melt the powder, then add to a tub and have a bath for 30-40 minutes. Try to relax and you will get a much better looking skin.

• Rub oatmeal on the dry skin and wash with warm water.

Dry Skin Home Remedies with Avocado:

Avocado is a fruit originally from Mexico and Peru. The avocado is rich in vitamin so very healthy and also known as delaying aging. The avocado is a very good supplement for vegetarians since it has a lot of proteins that is usually found in meat, eggs and cheese. Avocado is very beneficial for the health and as a home remedy since it contains essential fatty acids and proteins.

• Take 1 avocado, peel and mash. Then apply on the dry skin to make it smoother. Wait for a while and wash with warm water.

• Get avocado oil and smear it on the dry skin. Repeat when needed.

Your habits may also be causing your skin to become dry such as using harsh dishwashing cleaner or staying unprotected under the sun for too long. Instead of using abrasive dishwashing cleansers, you can try baking soda instead, it works just as well. Don’t stay out in the sun too long, use sunblock lotion or tan only during hours when the rays of the sun aren’t too harmful. You will be surprised how simple home remedies for dry skin such as these can change the look and feel of your skin dramatically.


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Category:  Beauty
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