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Category:  Weight Control

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What to Consider Before Having Liposuction

By Daniel Millions

Liposuction has been a popular method of removing excessive amounts of weight for over a decade. Figures show that in 2006, liposuction was the most common cosmetic surgical procedure with just over 400,000 individual cases in the United States alone. If done correctly and in the right conditions the surgery can be hugely beneficial to someone who has struggled to lose weight.

Before a patient may be considered for Liposuction they must have convinced their doctor that they have exhausted all possible natural solutions through exercise and a correctly control diet. This is because liposuction surgery is still a risky operation. Since the early 1980s the possibility of death as a direct consequence of Liposuction has dramatically reduced, but that risk and other serious side effects cannot be ignored.

With this in mind, this article will try to explain some of the potential risk factors involved in the surgery. The intent is not to scaremonger, but to ensure that anyone who considers Liposuction understands the potential consequences associated with the procedure.

Following Liposuction surgery, the patient can expect minor side effects. The appearance of bruising and swelling can appear on the body in and around the surrounding area that received the surgery. This is not uncommon and will clear after a short period of time. There may also be some scarring and numbness, but this is dependent on the area of body and the amount of fat removed. This will generally take a few weeks to disappear.

Prior to the surgery, your physician will outline any potential serious risks due to the surgery. Some of these complications are described below.

Perhaps the most common problem associated with Liposuction is the risk of infection. The surgery results in small wounds that are created by the surgical instruments and it is possible that bacteria may cause an infection.

The patient may also suffer from an allergic reaction to the medical drugs during the surgery. A much more serious risk is the possible damage to internal organs. When the procedure is performed the surgeon will not be able to see the medical instruments and this can result in damage to the intestines. This is uncommon but nonetheless possible.

There are reports of some patients suffering what is known as Lidocaine Toxicity. Basically, this is the when the surgeon uses too much saline fluid or Lidocaine to perform the procedure. As a direct consequence the body can go into shock and this can lead to cardiac arrest.

The surgeon also needs to be aware of how much fat they remove from a patient's body. Removing large amounts of fat can create a fluid imbalance within the body, since the fat contains a large amount of fluid. Failure to regulate this correctly can over time cause problems in the vital organs.

A patient may develop blood clots in the legs or pelvic area after the surgery. This is a risk in all surgery as the patient is immobile for a long period of time. Potentially this can be fatal but if the patient stands and walks regularly following the surgery then this risk can be reduced.

Deciding to undergo Liposuction surgery is a serious decision to make. It can be a hugely successful procedure for those who are unable to naturally lose weight but you need to consider the risks involved. Be sure to properly research the surgeon beforehand and then have a frank discussion about the potential risks involved.

About the Author: Liposuction cost can be expensive but if you know where to look Liposuction can be very reasonable.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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