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Leaving Kids Home Alone Is A Big Decision

By Ralph Winn

There comes a time when parents have to decide if their kids are ready to be left home alone. Sometimes parents have to work late, or they want a night out to themselves. Leaving kids home alone is a big decision that requires lengthy consideration. There is no specific age at which kids are ready to be left home alone; it always depends on the child.

Find out if your kid is ready to be left home alone

1) Observe how they handle minor emergency situations. If your kid gets frustrated easily, they might not be ready to be left home alone.

2) Do they know and follow your rules about curfews, the Internet, homework, and TV? It’s important that you can trust your kids to follow the rules when you’re around before you can feel comfortable leaving them home alone.

3) Think about your neighborhood and neighbors. Is the area safe? Does your kid know the neighbors well enough to ask for help in an emergency?

Childproof your home before leaving kids alone

Before leaving kids home alone, make sure you secure anything that could harm them. Any weapons like guns or knives should be locked away in a safe place. Alcohol and tobacco products should be put out of reach of kids. All medications, even if they aren’t prescription, should be somewhere off-limits to kids when they are left home alone.

Most kids get excited the first time their parents leave them home alone. Sometimes, they think being home alone is going to be fun, but once their parents, leave a situation arises that they can’t handle.

What your kid should know before leaving them home alone:

1, How to answer the phone—Your kid should never say they’re home alone!
2, How to use the microwave—Make sure they know the settings
3, What to do if the power goes off—Your kid should know where flashlights and extra batteries are kept.
4, Who to call for help—Keep a list of emergency numbers by the phone.
5, How to get in touch with you—You should schedule times to have them call you.
6, What to do if a stranger comes to the door—No one should be allowed in the house when your kids are left home alone!

Lots of parents find it’s easier to leave kids home alone if they have a pet to keep them company. Another strategy is leaving kids home alone for a short period of time and gradually increasing the amount of time they’re alone. All kids get left home alone eventually so it’s better if parents have thought about it ahead of time and have a plan.

About the Author: Ralph Winn has over 32 years of education and experience in the security industry


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Category:  Children: Challenges

Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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