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Quick And Easy Laundry Room Décor Ideas

By Jessica Ackerman

Believe it or not, but laundry room décor does exist. A laundry room doesn’t have to be a dreaded dank dungeon when it has the potential to be bright and happy. Any laundry room, no matter how small or dark, can be transformed into an inviting space. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time on improvements. You’ll discover that by adding a few simple touches will make all the difference to your washing experience.

Like it or not, your going to spend plenty of time in your laundry room, time that only increases as families grow larger. Therefore, why not choose to like it instead of loathing every minute. By adding some of the basic laundry room décor tips below, you may even find yourself looking forward to washing clothes.

Tip 1 - Paint the walls your favorite color - If you don’t have a favorite color, then choose bright and energetic shades such as yellow, orange and red. On the other hand, should you desire your laundry room to be a place where you can relax, choose blue or green. Your walls should be a color (or colors) that make you feel happy.

Tip 2 – Pictures to give walls character – If painting is too much of a hassle, or if you have any free wall space, why not add a picture or two as part of your laundry room décor. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting by a famous artist, a picture your child drew, or a movie poster. The laundry room is certainly the one area of your home where you can be really liberal with your wall decoration choices.

Tip 2 – Keep your feet cozy - Add a couple of soft rugs or mats to the floor in front of the washer and dryer to keep your feet snug and warm. Rugs also help to absorb any water that may fall. You do not need any special mats unless you have a theme for your laundry room décor you wish to follow, simply choose the rugs with the color/design and texture you like best.

Tip 3 – Get nature involved – Plants, regardless if they are real or artificial, add life and color to a room, and can easily infuse a dull room with vitality.

Tip 4 – Music makes a difference – Include a little radio or CD player in your laundry room so you can listen to and sing with your favorite tunes as you work.

Tip 5 – Light up your life - If the lighting is dull in the laundry room, or there is not enough, do yourself a favor and obtain brighter bulbs or additional lighting (I.E. floor, table or task lighting). Poor lighting puts strain on your eyes and can make you feel tired.

Tip 6 – Keep it cool – A laundry room can often feel damp and warm. A small fan can help circulate the air and be a great comfort on a hot day or if you’re feeling overheated.

Tip 7 – Add convenient laundry room décor to your space - Convenient décor includes shelves, hanging clothes rack, hampers and a waste basket. It is imperative that some form of organization exists within your laundry room so you can store soap, keep dirty clothing off the floor, and have a place where delicate clothing can hang to dry. A waste basket is also needed to collect any tissue left in pockets, lint from the dryer or fabric softener sheets. A cluttered laundry room is a huge deterrent so keep it clean.

Even if you only incorporate a few of the above laundry room décor tips, you will notice a difference. Keep in mind, if you are the one in your household who does the most wash, decorate the laundry room for yourself!

About the Author: Jessica Ackerman is a popular contributor at Wall Décor and Home Accents - where you can find marvelous metal wall decor,stylish home décor accents and more wall décor product.


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