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Category:  Family Fun

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Spring Fever!

By Colleen Langenfeld

Do you have it?

The uncontrollable urge to get up and walk away from your desk?

I'm not talking about quitting, mind you.

I'm talking about Spring FEVER!

So, how do you stay put and get the job done when you want to bolt? How do you keep your kids focused and hangin' in there?

Well, for starters...

 - stay calm. If you don't stay focused you'll find it virtually impossible to get your tasks completed. You may still leave work at five o'clock, but your mind will be stressed. Keep calm, keep focused, and keep moving forward.

  Next...  - break it down. Break your day's work into manageable chunks. Reward yourself with a view out a window every time you finish one of those tasks.

 - plan your off time. It will be virtually impossible to concentrate on the job at hand if you know (even subconsciously) that you are not going to enjoy this great time of year during your off hours, either. Skip the housework this weekend; hit the parks instead!

 - use teamwork. Can you employ the buddy system to get more work done faster? Find another soul who is also longing to get done sooner and get it done together.

 - employ visual aids. Add a picture of your kids, your hobby, your garden, whatever motivates you into your work environment and give it a glance whenever you find yourself stalling.

 - focus on one week at a time. Make sure you plan your whole week and not just your day. If the work from your days doesn't lead into measurable progress, you won't be ready for that weekend.

 - serve lemonade. Grill dinner even if it is chilly outside. Pour barbeque sauce on something! Have corn-on-the-cob. Enjoying the food of summer can make you feel already there. Get a family calendar and mark off the days until summer arrives. (Your kids will really enjoy this!)

 - take a break. Get up and get out on your lunch break and every other break you're allotted. Kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the grass. Inhale deeply, clear your mind and be ready to get back to work so you can finish on time.

 - enjoy your evenings. Make the most out of the steadily growing evening hours. Take a walk, spruce up your garden, play ball with the kids. Do homework outside. Leave the dishes for when it gets dark.

 - satisfy those cravings. If the weather is not pleasant, you can still be longing for sunshine. Give in (a little) to those feelings by transforming dinner into a picnic on the living room floor. Everyone wears their favorite summer clothes. Sandals are optional!

 - plan some fun! Get out the summer calendar and schedule some vacation time, zoo days, park excursions, camping weekends. Just the act of planning your outdoor fun will make you feel as though it is getting closer. Another benefit is you will be more organized, too.

Spring is a great time of year. Banish your frustrations and get your must-do work done...then go enjoy an ice cream cone. Or two!

Colleen Langenfeld helps busy working mothers find career helps, organizing tips, meal-planning, wellness ideas and more using the free Working Mothers Great Idea Kit at .

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Category: Family Fun

Related Links | Family FunVacations |

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