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Category:  Romance

52 Fantastic Dates For Fearless Married Couples

By Keishia Lee-Louis

You mean we still have to date? Couples looking to renew their relationships ask this question all of the time. The answer is are sounding YES!!! It's the best way to ward off infidelity and alack of satisfaction with your relationship.

Think about it. Wasn't that the most interesting time in your relationship? You and your spouse were just getting to know one another and everything was fresh and new.

If you want to keep the spark in your marriage, sometimes you have to act as though you're still dating. No kids, no bills, no work. Nothing to distract you from getting to know each other a little better.

Here are 52 ideas for great dates. One for each week of the year. I'm not saying that's how often you should go out. I'm just providing some fuel for your fire.

And notice-- not once do I mention movies. No matter how fun theyare, it's time to broaden your scope. From daring to romantic, here they are:

1. Visit a Safari park
2. Be tourists again, and tour your local historic site.
3. Go to the museum
4. Take in a play
5. Ride bikes in the park and have a picnic
6. Go roller skating/blading
7. Try your hand at bowling
8. Check out the planetarium
9. Take a cooking class together
10. Swim at the beach or lake
11. Go to an amusement park
12. Sing karaoke
13. Play pool
14. Get salsa lessons-- or try the tango
15. Fly a kite
16. Go rock climbing-- indoors or out
17. Hear some cool jazz
18. Try a poetry slam
19. Go line dancing
20. Try some tapas
21. See an opera
22. Check out a baseball game
23. Go to a book signing
24. Become putt-putt golf pros
25. Drive a race car
26. Play video games at an arcade
27. Walk along the pier
28. Ride in a glider
29. Run a race
30. Go to a hockey game
31. Eat at a Brazilian steakhouse
32. Solve clues at a mystery dinner theatre
33. Laugh at a comedy club
34. Embark on a dinner cruise
35. Make your personalized teddy bears
36. Find fish fascinating at the aquarium
37. Take a hike
38. Grab a cup of coffee and a decadent treat
39. Check out a concert under the stars
40. Feed each other fondue
41. Take a hot air balloon ride
42. Visit a vineyard
43. Treat yourself to the spa
44. Curl up next to a fire and read to each other
45. Be pampered at a bed & breakfast
46. Sit for a portrait
47. Go skiing
48. Ride in a helicopter
49. Catch the carnival while it's in town
50. Go antiquing (or junkin' depending upon your perspective)
51. Watch 'em ride at the rodeo
52. Make memories in an art/photography class


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Category:  Romance

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