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 Road Map of Life

by Kathy Gates

Letís say for example that you were headed to a friendís house for a party, and along the way you might notice a restaurant, or a beautiful piece of scenery, or a movie that you wanted to see.

Would you stop and go to the restaurant or the movie? Would you put your ultimate objective on hold because something else got your attention for the moment?

Of course not!

But thatís exactly what happens when you let distractions - albeit it attractive distractions - move you off your Life Map. You "end up" somewhere instead of where you really want to be.

If you were going to drive to somewhere unfamiliar - whether cross country or just across the city - what would be the first thing you would do? Map it out? And then after you mapped it out, would you never look at the map again? Not likely.

More likely, you would refer to the map or directions often, to make sure that you were on the right track. You would be able to tell quickly if you needed to make adjustments, correct a mistake, or consider a change of plans.

Posting your goals, standards, boundaries, mission statement, etc. is very much like having a map to refer to - "A Life Map".

In todayís busy world, itís easy to get off course. Having a Life Map to refer to helps you keep moving quickly and efficiently towards your goals. It helps you to filter out things that donít belong, helps you quickly correct things when you mess up, helps you navigate unexpected problems.

But if you donít have the map where you can see it and refer to it often, all the planning in the world wonít matter. Youíll end up driving aimlessly around unfamiliar territory, being distracted by many different paths -- knowing where you want to go, but having no tried and true method of getting there.

Donít let your temporary, current desires take precedence over what you REALLY want.

Because, you see, an important part of succeeding is deciding what is and what isnít a distraction.

For example, as you were headed to your party, you saw a vendor with some fresh flowers and you decide to stop and pick up some for your friend. In that case, a stop along the way ADDS to your goal. However, if instead you decide to stop and see a movie and arrive quite late at the party, then you have detracted from your goal.

The Life Map functions the same way. Each "opportunity" must be evaluated in light of how it will affect your ultimate goal -- will it contribute to it, or will it detract from it?

Therefore, both the driving map and the Life Map serve the same high purpose: To Keep You On Track.

POST your Life Goals so that you can see them every day. Decide that you will put as much thought into your Life Map as you do into planning your Vacation.

Grab on to the steering wheel of your life. Check your map often, determine your current location, and move confidently toward where you want to go.

Need a Life Map? I can help! Professional Life Coach Kathy Gates specializes in helping people who are ready to set goals to create a less stressful, more joyful and meaningful lifestyle. Visit for information, products and services, and sign up for a free newsletter.  


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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