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Category:  Recipes

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 Mud Pie

By Wendy Kennedy


1/2 cup butter or margarine (125 ml)
2 cups chocolate wafer crumbs (500 ml)
4 cups coffee ice cream (softened) (1 liter)
1/3 cup cocoa (75 ml)
3 tbsp butter or margarine (50 ml)
2/3 cup white sugar (150 ml)
1/3 cup whipping cream (75 ml)
1 tsp vanilla (5 ml)
1 cup whipping cream (250 ml) or substitute
1 tbsp white sugar (15 ml)
1/2  tsp vanilla (2 ml)
Shaved chocolate - optional
Sliced almonds - optional

To make the crust

Melt butter.  Mix in crumbs.  Press into the bottom and sides  of a 9" pie plate.  Bake @ 350F for 10 minutes.  Cool.

Once crust has cooled fill with chocolate ice cream.   Freeze until firm.

To make topping

Put cocoa, butter, sugar, whipping cream & vanilla into a pan.   Heat & stir over medium heat until it boils.  Remove from heat.   Cool for 10 minutes & then pour over ice cream.  Return to freezer.

To garnish

Whip cream.  Add sugar & vanilla.  Spread on top of pie.   Garnish with shaved chocolate & almonds if desired.  Serve.

NOTE:  If you can't find coffee ice cream you can dissolve 2 tsp (10  ml) of instant coffee in 4 tsp (20 ml) hot water and mix into soft  vanilla ice cream.



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