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Category:  Jobs

 Jobs and Careers

This page has links to articles to help you get a new job, or augment your present salary by starting a home business. There are also tips on managing your job and personal life.

3 Cheap Ways to Get Custom Business Cards

Free Ways to Lower Stress Levels at Work

Start Your Own Business: 6 Businesses You Can Start Today

Job  Interviews


5 Things You MUST Do Before An Interview

Fear of Interviewing for a Job 

How To Get Rid Of Interview Nerves

Undercover Frugality at the Office

First Impressions

How To Make a Great First Impression In a Job Interview

Interview & Meeting First Impressions

Interview Tips

10 Killer Job Interview  Questions and Answers 

Be Prepared For Any Job Interview Style

Beware of the Top 5 Interview Mistakes

Example For Answering Job  Interview Question:  What Did You Like Least About Your Last Job?

How to Have a Good Job Interview

Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Old-fashioned Interviews Are OUT! Learn How To Manage The New Alternative Interview . . . Or Else


Aggressively Written Resumes

Resume Tips: Five Ways to Grab Employers' Attention

Tips For Cover Letters To Get More Interviews

The Resume: What It Is And How To Use It 

Starting a Business

Are You Ready to Become Self-Employed?

Flipping Property Still Works

Starting a Small Business

Ten Top Money Making Strategies For 2008

Starting a Home Business

5 Tips For Starting A Home Based Business

6 Downfalls To Avoid When Starting
a Home Based Business

A Beginnerís Guide To Starting A Craft Based Business

How To Start Your Own In-home Preschool

Tips For Starting A Daycare 

Working at Home

5 Top Things Baby Boomers Must Do Before Starting A Home Business

10 Tips To Avoid Work At Home
Mom Burnout

Tips for Balancing Life When You
Work from Home

Work from Home: 6 Required Actions


Work From Home: 5 Required Steps To Generate Sales

Ways To Improve Your Selling

Selling Online

Auction Selling Tips

Can you Make Money with Online Auctions?

Craig's List - The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Saving and Making Money with Online Auctions



4 Ebay Selling Strategies;  How To
Build Your Ebay Business

5 Common Mistakes New eBay Sellers Make

Discover What Sells Well on eBay Quickly and Easily

10 Great Ways To Source Low Cost Products For Ebay

EBay Business Tips: EBay As A Way Of Life

eBay Seller Gets More Sales 

ebay Photo Tips

ebay Shipping - 10 Tips To Start Right

eBay vs. Garage Sales

How Do I Make It Big on eBay?

How To Determine Whatís Really Selling On Ebay.

How to Sell Your Crafts on eBay

Ideas on What to Sell on eBay

Improving Your Trustworthiness As An Ebay Seller

Selling On eBay The Right Way  Makes The Most Money

Some eBay Description Writing Tips

The 7 Tips You Need To Know For Successful eBay Auctions

Top 10 Tips: Selling On eBay Successfully

Top Selling Ebay Items You Should Know

What You Can Learn From Competing Ebay Auctions


Marketing Strategies In Its Simplest Form

Networking Success Tip - Develop a  Business Networking Plan

Time Management

5 Tips to Help You Find a Healthy Balance Between  Your Business and Your Family Life

5 Steps to Organize Your Way to Efficiency

How To Establish Work Life Balance

Working Time Management For Momís

Managing My Household

Work Stress and Emotional Health

8 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

Beware! Working from Home Can Make You a Loner

Create FUN in your Business - as if you were a KID

Websites and Tools

5 No Cost Ways To Get Your Website Noticed

Small Business Credit Cards: Make Your Accountant Obsolete

Submitting your site to the Open Director


6 Signs That A Job No Longer Works

Emergency Steps To Deal With The
Loss Of Your Job

Job Hunting On The Sly

Lost Job Due to Recession? Consider a Temp Agency For Employment

Secrets To Searching For The Career
You Really Wanted 

Summer Job Hunting 101

The 7 Traits of an Exceptional & Successful Entrepreneur


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Category:  Jobs

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