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Work From Home

5 Required Steps To Generate Sales

by J. Kenneth Ezra

If you're reading this you are probably between 27-44 years old (although some of you progressive types will be just under 27 and a bit older than 44).   You work in a sales-type situation mainly from home.  Meaning if you don't get sales you starve.  You are a go-getter.  You seek to improve yourself and your statistics. Some of you live all over the world, tucked away in your corner of the globe.  You have some kind of product that you want to market but need more sales.   You have good business sense and are thinking I need to make more sales and I don't know what to do?  You want to do it on your own.  Sound pretty close?   If you make it past the next paragraph you probably are a good person too.  Read why the above is exactly what you need to DO when thinking about your own marketing and sales.

How many times have you heard someone you know become a realtor, an insurance agent, a hypnotist, or a financial planner and so on.   You know, "So and so got her real estate license."  "So and so has his/her own website now?".  Wow.  Good for them.  Do you ever get the feeling that they use the fact that they "started" a new profession or field to basically make others feel small. Have no fear, the reality will set in soon enough that they will have to get clients (and a lot of them) to make it worth their while.  If you are one of those people or you work from home and you don't want to make others feel small but want to generate more sales, read on.

Let me enlighten you on the realities of being a "salesmen" in any capacity.  Whether you work from home, or you work for a big corporation strictly on sales.   If you don't get a high number of sales, you will probably spend more money on your new venture than you make.   I mean it.  You have to work hard and get a lot of no's before you get enough yes's to make it worth your while.

People always ask me "How did you generate enough sales?"  "You must be a natural salesmen".  Well, let me tell you I am a good salesmen but that doesn't excuse me from any of the real work it takes to generate sales.  But let me give you what I think anyone interested in generating sales MUST do:

1. Niche.

I'll say it again, because you think you may know what I'm talking about: Niche.  Almost everyone I talk to that doesn't make it as that insurance agent, mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, or financial planner thinks they have a niche. However after some explorations into their plans you hear they have what they think is a niche.  Let me explain.  When I was in the foreclosure business, I entered a fierce competitive cutthroat business.  Most of the failures came from people who thought because they were in the foreclosure business that was enough. It was a niche in-and-of itself, right?  But it wasn't. This is a niche (and you could take it further):

Homes within a zipcode that are 4 bedroom 2 bathroom, with the owner being unemployed 5 months or more with 1-2 children and going through divorce.  They will be between the ages of 28-42. They will have had income of $85k within the last two years from a job that required 50% or more on commission.  They have loans on their home of more than 80% of the value.  Their home is in foreclosure but they are not late on their car payment.  Their home is in perfect shape and they want to move on with their life.

With the niche detailed above I am given plenty of opportunities to market directly with little or no competition.  Making it possible for me to spend money on advertising to those niche people instead of trying to place ads or talk to the multitudes that the big guys are vying for also.

2. Appeal to Niche emotional needs.

The niche above gives us a clear look into a life of someone. And they are going through something.  They are feeling a certain way because of that experience.  The fact is they will buy from you, or use your services if you APPEAL to those emotions.  If they feel like you understand their situation and are really ready to serve that at a good price they will trust you.  In fact give them MORE for their money.  You could even charge a premium and you've become indispensable to your niche.

3. Specialty Products for Niche.

My client owns a fruit market.  His shoppers usually speak another language than the country's official language.  So he must have clerks that speak that language.  He has specials on foods only the Niche would buy during the Niche's special holidays.  He explains: "Our shoppers like us because on their holidays we put signs up in their language and have specials on food products that coincide with that holiday, and clerks that speak their language."

4. Survey the Niche.

Constantly keeping up with your Niche's likes and dislikes is essential.  They   are changing as the Niche's grows and goes through challenges of the marketplace.  For instance, my client is a real estate agent that exclusively markets, apartment building owners in their 50's, in a particular zip code, in Chicago.  Because she has implemented a system of survey she found out that most owners are converting to condo because of the taxes and vacancy rates.  These factors were becoming more of a challenge.  Why didn't they just sell?  Because in your 50's you still need make money and these owners weren't ready to retire. So she found out that her Niche, apartment building owners in their 50's, was changing to Condo Conversion, property management and sales owners.  So now she could get products like: Learn how to avoid building code violations when converting your apartment building, Seminar from me, your friendly Condo-Conversion Realtor.

5. Give the most efficient service, with fullest possible quantity and best quality.  Have you ever been taken advantaged? Did someone ever rip you off?  Did you ever get over charged for something?  Did the wait staff treat you rudely?  We all have feelings, nothing worse than getting shorted.  However, there is nothing better than knowing yourself that you did your homework and gave the best you could give to a client.  You have the satisfaction, knowing your client just got the best they could get.  And you received a nominal fee for it.  You will get referrals because of it.  Now you're generating sales just by Niche marketing.

I'm running an experiment on the newest information marketing website turnkey system.  In this system, FREE modules on internet marketing that I definitely use.  The system advertised the typical promises:  "help you make money from home with very little money, time and offers plenty of solutions that can cover most of your knowledge deficiencies."  A current example to show anyone who is interested about home based turnkey systems: view an experiment system.  See the bank statements to view how profitable or not so profitable.

Follow the money at J. Kenneth Ezra is a writer, real estate consultant, producer and Elite Success Coach.  His articles have been read by thousands of people looking to do better and make more money.  All parties win or no one wins. International Coaching Federation Member #1020768 Follow the money at:  


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