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Category:  Cleaning

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Be More Happy

Be More Organized

By James Brooks

For many people the feeling that they could be living their lives in a more organized and fulfilling manner builds a level of frustration that slowly starts to compel them into action. We are all faced with so many distractions these days, that so many of the basic chores of daily living get put to one side, only to bite us back at some point in the future. Tasks like basic home maintenance, keeping in touch with friends and relations, staying on top of our personal finances and keeping a clean and tidy home all seem rather mundane when compared to the latest technology trends, new entertainment possibilities and the lure of travel.

The single most important piece of advice I can give is to maintain a sense of perspective of what really makes you happy and make time to do everything you need to get the best from your life in all areas. Owning the latest high tech gadget or seeing the newest movies will never make you really happy compared to having a sense of pride in your own home and maintaining a close circle of long term and trusted friends.

So where do we start? I would suggest you make two lists. The first list should contain all those things that annoy you about your current lifestyle. We'll come back to examples of those in a moment. The second list should be the elements in your life that make you happy and contented. These could be things like spending enough quality time with your children, finding time to enjoy the outdoors, being responsible to the environment, being a reliable and helpful friend, eating a healthy diet, keeping a clean and tidy home. Just writing these things down will make many people stop and think, actually doing all those things would make me happier and give me more self respect. And then compare these things to owning the latest digital camera, mp3 player or newest fashion clothing - don't they seem rather insignificant now? Amazingly those items on your second list may not even cost you any money either.

So back to the things that annoy you. Many of these can be classified as jobs or tasks you want to get done but never find the time. They just hang over you, day after day and burden you with the feeling that your life is uncontrolled and you are not making the best of your time. Here's another amazing fact - just taking some things off your "annoying" list can also bring you happiness and satisfaction, probably more than you would expect.

Clearing the clutter from your spare rooms or your garage and disposing of it brings a great feeling of liberation. Out with the old, in with the new. Nothing can be as depressing as a house full of junk and rubbish, that prevents you from finding the things you need.

Re-organizing your personal finances so that you are in control of your monthly household budget and know just how much money you have at all times. This feels good and can prevent you from getting into unwanted debt.
Knowing that you have a plan for keeping your home in order in terms of repairs, improvements and general maintenance. Even making time to be able to work on your garden can be satisfying and creates a more enjoyable place for you to spend your free time.

So how should you get going with all of this? Keep things simple and don't set unrealistic targets. I would suggest you start with those two lists and then tackle some of the junk and rubbish in your home. Hire a skip or arrange for a waste disposal firm to visit and then recycle or throw out all your unused clutter.

Make you home a nicer place to be, then get to work spending more time doing things on your "happy" list, start taking things off your "annoying" list and then look forward to a more enjoyable daily life.

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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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