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Is It Worth It

By Pam McClary

One reason why personal debt is so rampant in our society is that only rarely do any of us stop to ask, "is it worth it?" before making a purchase. Try to think of a dollar as a vote. Every time we exchange a dollar for a product or service, we are "voting" on that product or service. In other words, we are telling the world that this product or service is worth more to us than a dollar. We have, well, most of us do anyway, a limited number of "votes" we can cast. This is because, to most of us, money is still very much an object.

When you vote on too many things and even borrow votes (money) so that you can vote on even more things, you are effectively marrying yourself to the product or service on which you are voting on. In many cases, this is perfectly well and good. Suppose you are sick. "Voting" on a bag of cough drops is probably a good idea. After all, for doing so, the cough drops will reward you by making you feel better. But not all purchases we make reward us with the same clear-cut effectiveness that cough drops do when we are sick.

As a society, we have taken a liking to voting on more things than truly deserve to be voted on. When we do that, we are all worse off for it in the long run. An easy example of this is food. It doesn't take much more than a look around any room to see that the people of our society, on average, spend far too many of their "votes" on food. Past a certain point, spending excess dollars on unneeded food becomes a horrible waste. It promotes poor health which makes it harder to work to acquire votes. You know that feeling you have after stuffing yourself for Thanksgiving dinner? The feeling of total worthlessness and a need for a nap? That's what happens when you consume too much food. For many people in our society, they commit that mistake on a daily basis and spend a good majority of their lives feeling lethargic and worthless.

It's time to break the cycle. It's time to take back the reigns and start demanding more of the products and services on which we vote. It's time to hold higher standards and ask, "is it worth it?" far more than we are currently doing. For the next week, every time you begin to reach for your pocket to pull out money to "vote" on a product or service, pause and ask yourself, "is it really worth it?" Keep a journal of all the times you say, "no," and resist from making that purchase. The results will be staggering.

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