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How To Get Rid Of Interview Nerves

By Shanat Kuphur

A recent research shows that most of people while attending their very first or second interview face the problem of interview nerves. This interview nerves simply make them nervous and depressed. This mainly happens due to lack of confidence and belief in oneself. Most of them even suffer from sleepless nights and arrogant behavior.

They feel as if interviews are nothing but an interrogation by an unknown person who will judge them by their answers. They simply canít understand or comprehend that the interviews are as beneficial for them as for the company.

To overcome these problems they firstly need to make their mind set for facing the interview full of confidence. This can be done by building up confidence that this job is for me only. To remove your I-nerves you need really need to do some home work before you go through an interview. This home work includes preparation for the estimated questions which can be asked in the interview. You also need to be prepared with a few details of the company like its products, vision, recent achievement, etc. This is just to have an upper hand in the interview so that you can explain that you are the right candidate for the company. The second thing that you must remember at the time of interview is to act confident tough you are nervous. One must be completely relaxed before the interview. Because stress is one of the major reasons which reduces oneís performance ability. Read out your C V for two or three times and be prepared to answer any question asked in reference to your C V. If you still find it difficult to reduce stress then do something which gives the most pleasure. Smile plays a vital role reducing stress. In fact smiling is a natural antidote to stress. It is because smiling releases endorphins. Also if any time you feel that your nerve is getting the better of you than take a deep breath in breath out and stretch along with a smile, you will feel relaxed.

Another way of getting over with your nerves is by a well known therapy called as hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very effective therapy which is generally used for curing nerves of Examinations, Interviews, Meetings, etc. Hypnosis mainly activates your subconscious mind so that you are extra alert and attentive what you are doing. Thus this gives you a lot more confidence to deal with.

Now here are some of the tips you must follow for your interview. You must be fully prepared for the interview and you must possess everything required. You must maintain a complete eye contact with the interviewer, because it will show your confidence. You must not do any nervous acts like being fidgety, fixing your tie or touching your clothes dress again and again. Be positive while talking and use your hands to express yourself. With hypnosis you can come in terms with such a situation and will be well prepared to face a barrage of questions that come your way.

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Category:  Jobs

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