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Homemade Insecticides


By Nikki Willhite

Here are some formulas to try control insects and pests


Here is a list of deterrents:

Lemon Dishwashing Detergent

Boiling Water
Equal Parts Borax Detergent and Sugar (mix with water or use dry)

Ant Traps

1/3 C Molasses or Honey
6 T Sugar
6 T active Dry Yeast

Mix together. Outside put the paste in a container near the colony. Inside put the mixture on a piece of cardboard in the areas ants come into the house.


Kill by spraying with rubbing alcohol. Spray with a multi-purpose cleaner like 409.

Insect Repellent

Rub dryer sheets over your body to repel.
Mix the following ingredients and let sit 5 days. Then put in a spray bottle:
3 C Rubbing alcohol
1 Cups
Red Cedar Wood Shavings
C Eucalyptus leaves


Use Bay leaves. Crumble them and spread them around.


Homemade Fly Paper

1/4  C Maple Syrup T Granulated Sugar 1 T Brown Sugar
Mix. Pour over strips of shopping bags or other paper and let soak overnight. Poke a hole in the strip and hang,


Use Mint- soak cotton balls in mint extract and place around house. Steel Wool- Stuff in holes leading to house.


Put Rubbing Alcohol on your skin (but not face).
Spray outside area 3 times a week (early morning or late night) with a 20 Gallon Hose Sprayer with this mixture:
1 Cup Lemon Scented Ammonia
Cup Baby Shampoo Water


Mix the following and spread around house:
1 Lb Borax
60 oz. powdered sugar
1 oz. cocoa powder
2 oz. salt

Spray with liquid detergent diluted in water.


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