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Inexpensive Garden Projects You Can Start Now

By Alyssa Davis

The chilly weather of early spring might make it impractical to start any serious outdoor gardening projects. However, there are actually a few inexpensive indoor projects you can start now. In fact, there are even a few outdoor projects you can safely embark upon. Here are just a few of the inexpensive garden projects you can work on during the early spring days. Not only will these projects help you be better prepared when the warm days do arrive, but they will also undoubtedly lift your spirits and cheer you up.

Start Your Own Plants

If you're tired of paying ridiculously high prices for flower and vegetable plants at your local nursery, early spring is the time to start your own plants. If you've never tried growing your own plants from seeds, you might think it's more difficult than it really is. The truth is, it's actually very easy and quite inexpensive to start your own plants.

Although there are plenty of expensive seed starting kits available in stores, these are not really necessary for growing healthy plants. Containers as simple as recycled yogurt containers or discarded foam drinking cups can be the perfect solution. Just the sure to cut a hole in the bottom of any containers you use, so that the plants will have proper drainage. Then, fill the cups with sterilized potting soil.

Proper lighting is extremely important when growing plants from seeds. A few inexpensive fluorescent lights, such as those that are commonly used in basements and workshops, are all you really need. Use hooks and chain to suspend the lights over a sturdy table. You'll want to make sure the lights are positioned so that they are only a couple of inches from the tops of your plants. As the plants grow, use the chains to move the position of the lights up gradually. Protect the table's surface with a vinyl tablecloth, and use trays under your plant containers to catch water drainage.

In the case of most plants, warmth is essential in order to get seeds to sprout. Once you've planted your seeds according to the packet instructions and watered the containers, place them in a warm spot until they sprout. The top of the refrigerator or a sunny alcove can be perfect spots. Once the seeds have sprouted, put them under the lights immediately. Keep the plants watered, and soon you'll have your own supply of inexpensive garden plants, just in time for the planting season.

Outside Projects

The next warm day, why not head outdoors to get a few spring garden projects completed? Although the weather is still cool, you can definitely get a head start on some of your outside chores. Check your trellises, fences, and raised beds, making repairs if necessary. This task will be much easier to complete now, before your plants start growing. Clear any accumulated plant debris, and pull young weeds now before they have a chance to become established. Check your trees and shrubs for broken, dead or damaged branches. By removing these now, your trees and shrubs will be healthier once they start to bud and leaf. If you were using stakes or lead wires on small trees planted last year, check to make sure they haven't become too tight. If there are any plants, small trees or shrubs that you wanted to move to a different area of your yard, get this job done now while the plants are still dormant. Although these gardening tasks are simple and inexpensive, you'll reap big benefits from them in the long run.

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