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Inexpensive and Cheerful Home Decor

By Alyssa Davis

There is nothing better to brighten your mood and improve your spirits than a cheerful decor. However, the cost of achieving such a look can be quite high if you do not know where to look for accessories. Sure, high-end department and decorating stores carry furniture and accessories that can give you the look, but they also deplete your bank account. Instead of suffering through a depressing decor or spending more than you need to, brighten and lighten your home using some of the inexpensive and easy ideas below.

Go White

The addition of white in your room's decor can make a huge impact. By including some white throw pillows on your brown sofa and a white vase on the fireplace mantel, you can instantly brighten the room. If you want to create even more of an impact, invest in white, washable slipcovers for your furniture. Other additions can include a white throw blanket, some white picture frames from the dollar store, and a jar of white sea shells from a recent trip to the beach. Because white can be paired with any color, it is easy to incorporate it into your room's design.

Limited Color Scheme

A cheerful decor does not mean that it is crowded with a million colors. Instead, focus on two or three basic colors that carry through the room's furniture, fabric and accessories. White is always a good base color, but so are a bright yellow, robin's egg blue or warm tan. These colors work well with bolder colors and can be a great start for bringing cheer to your room.

Bargain Shop

When it comes to thrifty living, bargain shopping is a must. Yard sales and estate sales can yield some fun and cheerful decorating pieces that might otherwise cost a small fortune in traditional stores. Thrift stores are another popular place for finding unique and colorful pieces. The key is to have an idea of what you are looking for before you go. Focus on your color scheme and the look that you want in your room to get an idea of what will work best for your room's decor.


Before you head out to the store to look for cheerful and unique pieces, check the sales fliers from your favorite stores. You might find just the piece you need advertised for less. Another trick is to shop at the end of the season for the best decorating pieces. For example, for summer decorating items, shop in the middle or end of July for some fantastic finds. There is no reason you cannot use cheerful decor in your room's design all year long.

Finding bright and happy pieces for your home can be done, no matter how small your budget. Be creative and think about how things can be used in new and unique ways. A vase can be just as easily filled with colorful marbles as it can be with a bunch of inexpensive daisies. Bursts of color and cheer throughout the room will make a big difference in how you feel about being at home.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for, and specifically about designing with welcome signs metal art decor and patio metal wall art.

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